AERC Karachi University holds alumni dinner

AERC Karachi University holds alumni dinner

AERC alumni dinner

There is no doubt that the country needs political stability on an emergency basis, otherwise, we could not get positive results. These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor University of Karachi (KU) Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi while addressing the alumni dinner of the KU Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) held on its lawn.

The establishment of institutions is not a difficult task but organizing and stabilizing them is a real challenge. If we have political stability in the country then we could have economic development and for the last many years we were facing political instability in Pakistan.

He mentioned that one of the major reasons for the decline of our economy is that no ruler has ever given priority to the education and health sectors in this country. He shared that without investing in the education sector and promoting research culture, we cannot be included in the list of developed countries.

“We need to move forward in the field of research and AERC is one of the centers of the country that is considered as the role model.” The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi while appreciating the achievements of AERC alumni expressed that graduate students of any institution are a reflection of it.

He said that alumni of the center are doing an extraordinary job around the globe and added that the graduates of AERC are holding key positions in different countries of the world, which is a testament to the excellent teaching and training provided in the Center.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi appreciated that AERC has produced many big names and they are not only contributing to the development of the country but also making the name of the institute at the international level.

On this occasion, the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, who is also the Director of KU AERC Professor Dr Nusrat Idris said that this institution has the honor that it has given well-known economists to the country who are playing a positive role in the development of Pakistan.

She mentioned that despite the limited resources, the teachers of AERC are engaged in teaching and research, and producing the best results.

Meanwhile, the member Syndicate and Board of Directors, KU AERC Engineer Abdul Jabbar Memon said that universities and research institutions should contribute to political stability and economic improvement in the country. “There is a need to carefully review and identify the flaws in the policies presented by the past and present governments. The AERC faculty should also prepare recommendations and send them to the authority on an annual basis which can help improve the economic situation of the country.”

Later, the former directors of AERC, alumni who were present on occasion, and those who joined the ceremony online shared that they would like to contribute to promoting AERC activities worldwide.

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