Afkar e Taza Fest 2020 kicked off at Alhamra on Saturday. While addressing the opening session, Former UK High Commission to Pakistan and National Security Advisor for UK Sir Mark Justin Lyall Grant said that winners of the second world war setup new norms and setup liberal norms. There are human and universal values in western, he added.

He said that many new initiatives were founded in post world war 2 era as from conflict resolution to environmental resolutions were founded in that era. Rapid expansion in UN, humanitarian responsibilities were new interactions and new initiatives. But currently we have seen push back against this liberal push back. He observed that some nations believe west has exploited the concept of humanitarian. Geopolitics is being changed with the rise of China. There may be a new made in china version of new world order. There are number of challenges in new world order.

He was of the view that throughout the cold war the liberal world order survived. When the soviet union clashed the order was disturbed. Russian claim of being exploited by west may be right.

Lyall didn’t think that they can define democracy with elections but democracy has a whole new definition, elections did not necessarily bring back democracy, he explained.


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