AI Education To Generate $25.7 Billion By 2030

AI Education To Generate $25.7 Billion By 2030

AI education will Generate billions by 2030

As world is experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution that’s why technology is making substantial changes in education industry by making tools and methods to improve learning outcomes. From the last two decades, technology is rapidly changing the data analysis in education industry and has almost eliminates most  traditional teaching and learning methods.

Among many technology trends that are transforming the way we learn and teach today AI is leading the charts by making many progressive deviations from elementary to higher education as well as adult and professional learning.

P&S Intelligence which is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm, published a report on AI revenue forecast in education industry. The  170 page report is loaded with tables and figures, and reveals that by 2030 the total revenue AI generated from education industry will go upwards of $25.7 Billion. Moreover, the report also says that major revenue share will belong to North America while Asia-Pacific will be the next region that is making fast pace progress in earning a big share in Education AI market.

The report also showed a massive investment trend in AI for education industry related to automated grading systems, customized assignments creators, AI based feedback systems, intelligent decision-making systems for educators, and above all natural language processing technologies (NLP) that are expected to be accounted for the largest market share of  AI in education market.

Pakistan needs to be well prepared and well placed to extract the maximum output from this great revolution that is knocking on our doorsteps. Steps should be immediately taken by the relevant ministry and manufacturers, to produce new AI talent that will be in huge demand throughout the world in near future.

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