A groundbreaking endeavor has commenced at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) with the establishment of a state-of-the-art “Training and Development Center,” aimed at honing the skills of academic, administrative, and servicing personnel. Spearheaded by the visionary Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmood, this initiative promises to revolutionize professional growth within the university community.

Kicking off with an inaugural 8-week training workshop, the center’s maiden voyage focuses on empowering hostel staff, sanitation workers, gardeners, and naib qasids. Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Fazal ur Rahman, underscored the paramount importance of staff development in the current landscape, heralding the center’s establishment as a pivotal moment for the institution.

In elucidating the workshop’s agenda, Director of the Adult Literacy Center, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Chaudhry, delineated a comprehensive plan. The training unfolds in three phases: equipping hostel staff with essential hospitality skills, acquainting sanitation workers and gardeners with cutting-edge campus maintenance techniques, and furnishing naib qasids, security personnel, and others with adept public interaction strategies.

A distinguished panel of trainers, including Manager Abid Agha from Islamabad Club, alongside Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Chaudhry, Dr. Zaheer, Dr. Rahmatullah Bhatti, and Dr. Tahira Bibi, will spearhead the instructional efforts. Muzaffar Abbas, the hostel in-charge, extended gratitude to Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmood and the Adult Literacy Department for their unwavering support in enhancing the capabilities of hostel staff.

Amidst the inaugural session, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Chaudhry and Yasir Mehmood, President of the Employees Welfare Association (EWA), lauded the Vice Chancellor’s visionary leadership and echoed sentiments of appreciation for prioritizing staff professional development. This commendable initiative sets a precedent for fostering excellence and innovation within AIOU’s workforce.

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