The Honorable Justice Mr. Justice Chaudhry Khalid Rasheed of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir High Court (AJKHC) delivered a compelling message to students and scholars, urging them to steer clear of platforms that propagate misinformation. Speaking at a special lecture titled “Criminal Law: Challenges and Opportunities,” hosted by the Punjab University (PU) Institute of Social & Cultural Studies, Justice Rasheed emphasized the need for a nuanced understanding and cautioned against subscribing to social media channels that undermine the rule of law and erode trust in state institutions.

Accompanied by Vice Chancellor Poonch University Rawakot (UPR), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar, and Director ISCS, Prof. Dr. Rubeena Zakar, along with faculty members and a large student audience, Justice Khalid Rasheed, himself an esteemed alumnus of PU, delivered an insightful discourse on the pressing issues surrounding the rule of law in Pakistani society. Stressing the significance of ethical principles such as honesty, diligence, and professionalism, he encouraged students to approach information critically and maintain optimism about their future endeavors.

Prof. Dr. Zakria Zakar echoed Justice Rasheed’s sentiments, underscoring the pivotal role of educational institutions in nurturing responsible and law-abiding citizens. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Rubeena Zakar presented a token of appreciation to Honorable Justice Khalid Rasheed, recognizing his visit to PU and the valuable insights shared during his lecture on pertinent socio-legal matters.

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