The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore has recently made significant strides in bolstering access to higher education for dispensers and health technicians holding diplomas from the Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF). In a landmark decision during the 29th meeting of the UHS Board of Studies in Allied Health Sciences, chaired by Vice-Chancellor Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore, it was agreed to allocate up to five percent of seats in 4-year BS programs both on-campus and at affiliated institutions for these qualified individuals. This move aims to recognize the valuable expertise and experience of diploma holders while also expanding educational opportunities in allied health fields.

Attended by heads and representatives from allied health institutions across Punjab, the meeting responded to a proposal from the Secretary of the Punjab Medical Faculty advocating for the inclusion of diploma holders in BS programs. Notably, diploma holders from the PMF receive equivalence to FSc Medical Technology from the Inter Board Coordination Commission (IBCC), underscoring the rigor and relevance of their qualifications.

Under the approved scheme, diploma holders will have the chance to apply for both reserved seats and open merit seats in BS programs. The board emphasized the importance of admitting candidates based on their relevant diploma qualifications, ensuring alignment between their expertise and chosen fields of study. As a result, dispensers may pursue BS in Emergency and Intensive Care, medical lab technicians in BS Medical Laboratory Technology, operation theatre technicians in BS Operation Theatre Technology, physiotherapy technicians in Doctor of Physical Therapy, and cardiac technicians in BS Cardiac Perfusion.

Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore, the Vice-Chancellor of UHS, expressed confidence that this decision would empower skilled technicians to enhance their qualifications, thereby contributing more effectively to the healthcare sector. Additionally, the board approved the academic calendar for BS allied health programs for the year 2024, outlining key dates for classes, vacations, coursework, and examinations. Noteworthy changes include the transition of nine BS programs to the semester system, with the remaining six programs slated to follow suit in the coming year. These measures underscore UHS’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability in delivering quality education in allied health sciences.

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