Appointment Of TEVTA Punjab Chairman Questioned

Arsalan Haider


The recent appointment of TEVTA Punjab Chairperson Hafiz Farhat Abbas has been questioned in a detailed letter addressed to the Punjab governor, chief minister, the chief secretary and industries secretary.

According to application available with Academia Mag, a citizen Amna Malik has filed an application questioning the qualification of the newly appointed TEVTA chairperson, the process of his selection and upholding of merit.

The Punjab government appointed Hafiz Farhat Abbas as TEVTA chairperson on April 20. Abbas contested the 2013 General Elections from PP 155 Lahore but did not win. He was also reportedly among the Punjab University students that manhandled Imran Khan when he visited the varsity in November 2007. Abbas was the Nazim of Islami Jamiat I Taliba (IJT) at the time but later joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and was made the political assistant of Imran Khan.

See full text of letter here 

The application claimed that Abbas was under qualified for the post having merely B.Com degree, therefore, his appointment is against the ruling of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The applicant raised questions about the process undertaken for the selection and appointment of the TEVTA chairperson, if the vacancy for this post was advertised in newspapers or any other print media, and what was the date if such an ad was published to announce the vacancy. She demanded authorities provide complete documents, details and information in this regard.

Per the letter, the formation of a committee for selection of the TEVTA chairperson was also questioned, asking the authorities provide the list of members who were a part of that committee. Ms Malik also raised a query about the number of candidates that were considered and the criteria according to which they were scrutinized. The applicant also hinted at Abbas being related to wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, although the applicant said the only thing being questioned was whether the appointment met criteria of merit.

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