Private schools are not happy with the schools closure due to smog as All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) has appealed to the authorities to review the decision of closing schools. In a statement, President APPSF Kashif Mirza said that school closure due to smog is not a solution, Pakistan has been ranked No 1 in the world with the longest school closure in 2 years.

Kashif Mirza added that schools in Pakistan have been fully closed for 7-time about 74-week in 2-year, the longest school closures in the world. Children in Pakistan have lived through some of the longest school closures in the world, and they’re feeling the effects, he said, adding that children need their schools to stay open and support from their parents and teachers, to get Every Child back on track.

President APPSF went on to say that prolonged school closures continue to jeopardies the futures of millions of children in Pakistan. Keeping schools open must be considered an utmost priority in a safe environment, APPSF also has instructed the private schools to ensure SOPs and effective measures to tackle the current situation of smog.

All Pakistan Private Schools Federation also issued guidelines for the schools to take precautionary measures for smog.

According to the SOPs guidelines, precautionary measures must be taken by schools, teachers and students inside the schools premises, wear masks, preferably two, wear sunglasses to prevent itchy eyes, wash as soon as you reach schools, no outdoor morning assemblies activities, no outdoor sports activities, schools may revise and adjust schools timings during smoggy days, schools may also conduct online classes, if need.

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