The All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association’ President Dr Sami ur Rahman and GS Dr Imtiaz Ahmad visited the university of Karachi on December 28 to aware the BPS faculty regarding the current severe violation of HEC ordinance by the HEC.

 This violation  has created a massive unrest in the career path of the BPS faculty in terms of the fundamental rights of promotion though the same is clearly protected in the HEC ordinance.

The president and GS APUBTA expressed in a seminar that the BPS university teachers are facing severe problems for even one step promotion that takes usually five to ten years even if the universities administration is willing to do so that is not fair and discriminatory.

He further added that this process is discriminatory, cruel and doesn’t guarantee to secure the fundamental and equal right of promotion as the same is usually advertised and most often the same seat is granted to someone else that has not served the university for a single day.

 The GS stated that the unrest of such procedure doesn’t exist in any other department of the country or in the world. Such blunder is no more tolerable even when legitimate provision of promotion is granted in the HEC ordinance and the president of Pakistan and the federal ministry of education also strongly recommend the same.

Various faculty members of the university of Karachi attended the seminar and are committed to strive for securing the legitimate due rights. The participants stated that the visit of cabinet members shall boost the activities of APUBTA  university of Karachi wing in the leadership of president Dr Afsheen Arif @+92 332 3646238 and GS Dr Maroof  Bin Rauf  @+92 333 3018696 and shall unite the BPS teachers to protect their rights.

It is to mention also that HEC is not committed to seek a quick solution to the existing discriminatory policy and to provide a reliable uniform criteria inline with the intact policy of promotion for the TTS teachers and using the usual delay tactics that are no more tolerable for the university teachers.

The president APUBTA declared that if the minutes of the previously held meeting of commission on December 16-17, is not issued and the committee is not notified to revise and refine the draft BPS statutes then APUBTA may opt for other phases of protest.

It to clarify that the BPS teachers are on protest since December 1, 2021 against the discriminatory policies of HEC. The protest shall be continued until the right is granted and implemented in universities. The president further stated this campaign of personal intersections with the teachers shall motivate and unite for a next phase of protest at Islamabad if the right of promotion is denied and not secured in a month.

The president APUBTA showed his strong concern over the current discriminatory situation and process of re-reappointment which is continued in violation to the HEC ordinance though it has an equal opportunity of timely promotion for every faculty.

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