APUBTA delayed its protest for mature dialogues


The All-Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) has delayed its protest, a strike as was announced on June 15, for a later time. The APUBTA president expressed in a message that the core committee is working to the best of its capabilities and pushing the APUBTA struggle systematically toward the main goal of approving the promotion policy.

Recently some development has taken place and we are expecting some important meetings with the key officials of the Government of Pakistan and HEC in a couple of days. He added that today we also had a detailed meeting with Mr Ashan Iqbal, the Federal Minister for planning in Islamabad, and more are expected with other honorable government officials. This Core committee is of the opinion that being higher qualified university teachers before protesting on the roads we should exhaust all available options for dialogues. In light of these dialogues and at the request of some officials, the Core Committee has decided to delay its protest for a couple of weeks.

The Core Committee members have further instructed that BPS faculty members should do peaceful gatherings in their respective universities for one hour on 15th June 2022 to give a message of protest to the concerned.

We hope that all APUBTA members will support this decision and will save their energies for our coming activities and to give enough time to committees for discussion and properly reviewing the draft statutes by the HEC for Basic Pay scale teachers as promotion is our legitimate fundamental right at par with other government employees. The core committee further expressed that the right is explicitly protected in the HEC ordinance that cannot be ignored in any case.

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