The All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) president Dr. Sami-ur-Rehman on Monday met with the President Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association Dr. Naik Muhammad Sheikh.

They discussed various issues and agreed to arrange a formal joint meeting of the APUBTA and FAPUASA. The progress on the draft BPS rules issued by the HEC to the universities was discussed in detail.

The FAPUASA President Dr. Naik Mohammad Sheikh also called for a meeting of the Cabinet of the two Associations in Islamabad to work out a joint strategy for the approval of the draft BPS rules to address the issue of promotion under the HEC Ordinance.

It was also discussed that a joint meeting with HEC would be arranged soon to discuss the progress on the draft law and the observations received from the universities so that the Commission could be considered as a point agenda. A revised draft could be finalized for consideration by the parties.

The issue of promotion for non-PhD was also discussed in detail and it was decided that it would also be on the agenda for discussion with HEC. It is hoped that the joint efforts of APUBTA and FAPUASA will accelerate the achievement of the targets and the BPS rules will soon be presented to the Commission as a one point agenda.

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