Army martyrs honored in Okara University seminar


A seminar was organized by the Directorate of Student Affairs of the University of Okara (UoO) to honor the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Pakistani army. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Wajid, presided over the event while the Assistant Commissioner of Renala Khurd, Zia Ullah, was the Chief Guest.

The speakers of the seminar included Dr Sumaira Ijaz, In-Charge Department of Urdu, Usman Shamim, Coordinator Department of Political Science, and Station House Officer of Renala, Akhtar Khan. The Security Officer, Nobahar Khan, and the Director of Student Affairs, Dr Amjad Ali, made arrangements for the event. Students also expressed their sentiments about the martyrs through speeches and patriotic songs.

Addressing to the participants of the seminar, the VC argued that Islam had put great emphasis on the importance and honor of martyrs. He further told, “We should strong discourage anti-army narratives and sentiments as army and country are intertwined.” Prof Wajid also announced the observance of one minute of silence in the honor of martyrs.

The AC, in his address, said, “We owe our lives to all the security personnel who put their lives and comfort at risk to ensure peace. Our army deserves respect for the sacrifices they make at borders.”

Dr Sumaira told, “Nations always respect their memorials. We need to honor the sacrifices of our martyrs.” Usman Shamim highlighted the significance of the observance of such days and events.

The SHO said, “The families of the martyrs go through a lot of ordeal and we should show solidarity with them instead of hurting their feelings.”

At the end of the seminar, souvenirs were distributed among the guest speakers.

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