There are numerous fabulous art books out there about creativity, art, paintings and artists. At times even artists need a day off to sit back and relax. They can enjoy reading a good art book with a cup of tea. Having a hard time to find some amazing art books to read? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

In this article, we have listed out some amazing books that every artist should read.

Art and fear: Observations on the perils (and rewards) of artmaking

This book is written by two artists, Ted Orland and David Bayles. This book helps give its readers an insight of the roadmap for overcoming the obstacles faced by artists on the creative side of their lives. This book is a guide for the artists which encourages them not to give up even when it is a road to struggle. A must read.

The design of everyday things

This book is written by Don Norman. Many artists may not find this book appealing but this book takes us on a journey of psychology as to how and why some designs work while others fail. It is an interesting read.

Atlas of human anatomy for the artist

This book is written by Stephen Rogers Peck. It is one of the most recommended books for every artist as it comes with full illustrations showing the muscles, bones and much more. This book helps the artists learn the differences in human anatomy when it comes to adults, women, men, kids and different body sizes. It shows the human figure from a very technical point of view which every artist should understand as it is valuable.

The war of art

This book is a must read for every artist. The war of art by Steven Pressfield is an essential read for anyone trying to overcome resistance, the evil force which holds them back to showcase their creativity and reaching its potential. Highly recommended.

The art spirit

The art spirit was written about a 100 years ago by Robert Henri. It comes in the list of the most influential book for artists and remains one of the best-selling books on art and creativity. This book provides insights into the minds of America’s most influential artists. This book is not only about how to do art but a total guide on how to become an artist. The art spirit is quite an interesting yet an enjoyable read.

Hawthorne on painting

This book is written by Charles Webster Hawthorne. This book is divided into various sections which focus on landscape, still life, watercolours and much more. Each section in this book begins with an essay and guides the readers about basic elements such as the colour palettes, forms, colours, characters, posters etc. The book has a lot to offer specially to the young new talents.

Oil painting techniques and materials

Oil painting techniques and materials by Harold Speed, a must read for every painter. If one wants to learn everything about paint application, brush strokes, colour schemes and edge quality then this book is for you. This book also contains great informative chapters about designs, colours, tone and composition.

Steal like an artist

The author of this book is Austin Kleon. Steal like an artist is a book for all the artists, architects and designers which contains some great ideas for them to embrace. The book is filled with fantastic concepts for all artists, be it architects, musicians, painters or writers. It is a quick read, and it is an important book as it shows the challenges faced by modern artists today.


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