Arts Council launches book of Muneeza Hashmi

Arts Council launches book of Muneeza Hashmi

Arts Council Muneeza Hashmi

A book titled “A Conversations with my father” by Muneeza Hashmi, daughter of renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was unveiled at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi at Hasina Moin Hall.

Saleema Hashmi, Zahra Negah, Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Ghazi Salahuddin, and Arshad Mahmood, a large number of fans of Faiz Sahib participated while Samira Khalil performed the duties of the moderator.

On this occasion, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s memories are still present on the walls of the Arts Council. He has played a major role in its founding. He was also the Vice President of the Arts Council for three years. Whether it is PNC Islamabad or Lahore Arts Council, people of Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun, Punjabi, Seraiki, and other languages in Pakistan considered Faiz Ahmed Faiz as their ideal and still consider him as their role model, he said.

I have learned a lot from him. Faiz Ahmed Faiz would be happy to see that her daughters and loved ones are here Literature has its status, the author Muneeza Hashmi said that my children asked me to write these answers along with the letter. I have written generously in the book.

The book is not a novel but there are some memories. He used to think a lot about Palestine. I met his father’s friends for the book. The friends said that no one knows Faiz Sahab. No one knows Faiz’s Ellis. On the occasion Ghazi Salah Uddin said that, Muneeza Hashmi’s sadness is that she could not spend much time with Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Muneeza Hashmi answered her father’s letters forty years later. The way she talked to her father, only daughters can understand.

After reading the book, I still could not get out of her spell. Mehtab Akbar Rashidi said that the lesson of life given by Faiz Sahib is still going on today she went to Palestine to pay tribute to her friend, which is a big thing. Forty-five years later, when she remembers this moment, her heart goes out, as can be seen in Muneeza’s conversation, Saleema Hashmi said, Muneeza’s book is a link of memories. When the pages of the book started turning, the maps of the past came out. I used to speak in Urdu till I was five years old. Fawad Khan, the well-known director and storyteller listened to the letters and poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

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