Arts Council launches Nuzhat Jahan Naz poetry collection “Muzayen Hein Meray Khuwab”


Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Talk Show Committee and Daricha Adab Pakistan Welfare Society (Karachi Unit) organized the launch of Nazhat Jahan Naz’s poetry collection ” Muzayen Hein Meray Khuwab ” at Hasina Moin Hall which was presided over by Prof. Sehar Ansari & The special guest was Prof. Shadab Ehsani and the guest of honor was Farasat Rizvi.

Majlis President Prof. Sahar Ansari while expressing his views said that there are very few books in which so many poems have been selected, it indicates a connection with a cultural cradle, We also feel the fragrance of, three things are clear in her poetry dreams, possibilities and love which has a different concept, special guest Professor Shadab Ehsani said that this book is amazing for me in six years of poetry and language There are some errors in the book which need to be removed.

Expressing his views, Farasat Rizvi said that Nazhat Naz’s poetry is a poetry of love. The metaphor of dream in this book is longing for the future. In her book, she conveyed the message to the next generation that a world where there is social justice is her dream, in which equality is given to the people and their rights are not violated. Anjum Usman said that the greatest virtue of Nazhat is consistency.

Along with ghazals, she also sings poems, national anthems, Hamdunaat, Manqabat, and Salam. Like every poet, her evolutionary journey continued and today his words are in front of you in book form. Nazhat Jahan Naz said, “I am very happy today. The shortcomings that Shadab Ehsani has pointed out need attention. I thank the Arts Council and all those who participated in the event.” Anjum Usman recited some parts of Mahmood Sham’s essay while Sadia Hareem recited her poems.

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