Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi launches book titled “101 Melody Makers”

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi launches book titled “101 Melody Makers”


The Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi launched the book “101 Melody Makers” by Sultan Arshad Khan based on the services of music teachers, composers, and instrumentalists at the Arts Council Auditorium. Leading intellectual and writer Javed Jabbar, President Hum Network Sultana Siddiqui, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Arshad Mahmood, SM Shahid, and actress Bushra Ansari expressed their views at the unveiling ceremony.

While a large number of different literary and social personalities were present on the occasion. Talking about Sultan Arshad’s book, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that the author has spent 14 years preparing this book. There are many books on wars in the libraries of Pakistan but unfortunately, they are not on the arts. I congratulate Sultan Arshad for writing on the creators of melody. President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah while offering the author said that if Sultan Arshad wants then Arts Council Karachi is ready to take the responsibility of publishing Urdu translation of this book because we want this book to reach as many people as possible.

Expressing his views, intellectual and writer Javed Jabbar said that the Arts Council under the leadership of Ahmad Shah has changed itself in the past months and years, the Arts Council is seeing tremendous progress. This book by Sultan Arshad Khan is a complete encyclopedia, people don’t remember melody makers who create music, the song is not only complete with singer, and it is director, producer, cinematographer, lightman, instrument and many others. It is accomplished by the cooperation of these people. Sultan Arshad read the stories of these 101 melodic composers, the author collected the teachers’ galleries, collected their melodies, and created an incredible melody book.

President Hum Network Sultana Siddiqui said that thanks to Ahmad Shah who promotes art and culture, Ahmad Shah serves the arts very heartily, Ahmad Shah has offered to translate the book about which the author must think, and whoever reads his book will get lost in it. Sultan Arshad has great work on this book. Just like selfless love for children, Sultan Arshad has the same love for music and musicians. Expressing his views, Arshad Mahmood said that there is no need to look at this book because it is like a movie, Sultan Arshad is also a researcher if I associate the name of a composer with someone else’s song in front of him, and he immediately corrects it.

Actress Bushra Ansari said that we do not have any record of the history of music, there are very few people who are working to preserve this beautiful art, these are the people who fall in love with music and Sultan Arshad Khan is one of them, He has done a great job by writing this book.

The author of the book Sultan Arshad paying gratitude on the occasion said I am grateful to the speakers who expressed their views on my book. Everyone remembers the singer’s name but no one remembers the composers and instrumentalists who create the melody.

The program concluded with musical performances.

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