Ayesha Areej


Performing high as a student is not an independent activity. There are a lot of things that contribute to making a student a successful one.

Many students who get good grades in one or two semesters do not come under this category. You have to be consistent in achieving good grades and passing exams in order to be a high-performing student.

To be that student, you have to follow the activities that they do. Here are a few habits that most high-performing students of the world have. These are also proven by researches to be effective in making a person successful.

Productive routine

Students who have got good grades follow a productive daily routine. Their days have activities that keep them physically and mentally healthy and productive. For example, walking in the morning, playing some sports in the evening, doing some tasks that involve mental activity or brain training. They help stimulate happiness and a sense of satisfaction that adds to a person’s efficiency. in overall tasks.

Consistent studying

Consistency is the key. Studying all day and night during exams period may get you good scores for that time but it will never make you a high-performing student overall. For that, you have to study through the semester consistently. They might be a few hours but they have to be daily.

Surrounding yourself with the same people

There is a very famous billionaire saying, ‘show me your friends, I will show you your future.’ Now that does not mean you have to make friends who are very successful. But you sure need to be surrounded by those people who believe in studying, being hardworking, and improving their lives. Those who think they can spend life with this careless attitude are not the ones that you want to be around to perform well.

Waking and sleeping routine

We often take it very lightly but that is one of the great influences on our daily performance. Only a consistent waking and sleeping routine can make your days productive. It should not be one or two days early rising, you have to force yourself to make it a routine. Once, it has become a routine, you will not have to put much effort into it.

Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet is what takes it all to be mentally and physically active. Make sure you are including all the necessary nutrients in your breakfast to start your day. It also affects your mood and all the activities that you do in a day. Moreover, a cup of coffee or tea proves really great for the activeness throughout the day.

Making a healthy routine a habit

High-performing students do not follow a healthy routine during the exams period or for a week. It is that they have made it their habit. Only habits can result in long-term benefits and great outcomes. So, follow the same routine until it has become your habit.

Staying passionate and motivated

Your goals should be high enough to keep you motivated and passionate about them. Talk to a successful or high-performing student, you will find that they are very motivated every time they sit for studying. The reason is they have high aims.
Smart and effective studying

Effective studying is different from hardworking. It involves all your thinking capabilities, creative skills, and knowledge into action. Whenever you sit for studying, you should be a product of all those things. When you work with all your capabilities, you are may times better able to understand a concept and keep it in your memory.

Focused activities

Focused activities bring the greatest results. When you are totally indulged in one activity, you forget the surroundings and then your tasks bring you happiness and productive outcomes. This concept is also known as ‘flow’ in psychology. Focus only on your game when you are playing, focus only on enjoyment when you are out for fun, and focus only on your studies when you are studying.

Practicing gratitude

The overall health of the mind is important to perform well in any area of your life. Some high-performing students of the world follow this habit of practicing gratitude to keep themselves contented with their lives. Think about your improvements, the qualities you possess and evaluate your performance for the good. Stay happy about your life situations. It will add to your overall productivity and performance in life.

High-scoring students do not waste time in fun activities. The students who go out with friends and are involved in other fun activities cannot be successful. These are the myths you have been hearing since your childhood.

However, the fact is totally different. Only those people are able to spend a happy and successful life who manage both their studies and leisure activities together. And, it is very possible to be a fun-loving and high-scoring student at the same time. Here is how.

Bring a balance in everything you do

Why are we not able to separate fun from studying? This is because we are not trained to bring a balance in our activities. You see students around you who are either studying desperately or the ones who are busy in their fun activities and do not care for exams. There are very few ones who do both. And these are ones that most of the students are inspired by.

Well, keeping work and play separate is a habit that comes through practicing balance in every activity. Let us suppose you do a morning walk. You cannot exceed the time as you have to get to your university. Likewise, when you start reading a book, you cannot spend the whole day on that as you have other important things to do. Well, if you spend your whole day on a book, that is no longer a productive habit.

In order to manage both fun and studying in your life, you will have to bring balance to every activity. Whether it is reading, cooking, writing, playing, sleeping, exercising, or anything that you love to do or you have to do, keep it in a balance. Practicing this balance will train you to manage all your activities (fun or academic) in a healthy routine.

Do not use fun to avoid studying

Most of the time when you are having fun, you are doing it to avoid your studies. No matter what you say to convince yourself but if you feel guilty about it, know that completing your study tasks is more important at the moment.

Do not linger on with it because it will be a double loss. You will neither be able to enjoy your time nor will you have time for studying. Force yourself to take a step and leave all the fun activities until you spend the expected hours studying or completing the task for the day.

You are only able to enjoy your leisure time when you are free from other responsibilities or when there is no other stressor. So, make both your study and fun time full of quality.

Instead of using study hours for fun, you can do any activity that you enjoy as a reward after studying. Rewarding yourself after you have studied for the required time will strengthen your study habits and will help you keep these two activities distinct from each other.

Focused studying hours

If you really want to be that cool person who is so carefree even during the stressful exams period and is managing their other activities, too, you have to practice focus.

When you are unable to complete a two-hour topic in four hours, you are not putting all your concentration into it. Two hours of consistent and focused study is much better than seven hours of studies with your social media, messages, or other distractors.
In this world of social media, we have a lot of things that are more attractive than studying around us. Well, this is the challenge. It is very difficult for us to spend even thirty minutes without it because we are just conditioned to pick up our phones and open WhatsApp, or Instagram right away. Start building your habits of studying without these influences so that you can enjoy your leisure time afterward.

You can start with an hour of studying and then fifteen minutes of social media usage. When you have practiced this routine, you can make it two hours of consistent study and then a small break.

Make a schedule that you can adapt to easily. The principle is not to think about studying when you are playing (or having fun through any activity) and not to be distracted by anything when you are studying. Only then you will be able to study productively and have a quality fun time.

When you go to your university and when you graduate, you are two different persons. If you are not, that means you have not learned enough. 

University life is one of the most important times of your life. It is the time when you are entering adulthood and you need to experience a lot of new things. This phase of life gives you that chance. It is not all about books and exams. In fact, these are just a small part of it. You learn maximum of the things outside of your class. 

Yes, you will have students in your class who come to the university to attend classes and go back to their homes. The maximum fun they have is going out for a lunch with friends. They might perform very well in exams, too. But that’s it. They do not learn any skill, they do not groom their personalities, they don’t experience or learn new things that might challenge them so, they have not made even fifty percent use of university life. 

What do I mean by making full use of university life? It is to use this time to learn everything that this precious phase of life has to give you. It does not happen by merely taking notes and studying back in the home. 

Study outside of classrooms

Whatever major you are studying, you cannot be excellent in it by just focusing on the set study outline and the lectures of the teacher. Bring your knowledge into discussions and applications. A classroom should not be the only place for you to learn something about your field. It is like restricting yourself to four walls. 

When you are in a university, you have many people from different backgrounds around you. Everyone thinks differently and has different ideas. The best way to trigger your mind to think intellectually is to take benefit of this company. Sit with these people, discuss an idea, challenge yourself with the opposing point of view, and study from different resources. You must have a library in your department and university. Use these places, they all are made to facilitate you. 

It is highly disappointing that more than fifty percent of the students of a university do not even have library cards. This is because they do not give importance to this mode of learning. Well, use every mode that is available to you particularly a library and study circles. If you have missed going to the library during your degree, you have missed the best place to go to a university.   

Participate in challenging activities 

Don’t be afraid of challenging yourself with new experiences. This is the right time to participate in activities that can be difficult. This can include different competitions to take part in or to complete some projects. These things are also going to benefit you in your career or future studies too. 

Let us say, you are trying to apply for a scholarship, your bookish knowledge is not sufficient for that. You will have to prove how you handle challenging situations, how good of a problem solver or a leader you are. Likewise, if you are going to apply for competitive exams, your overall knowledge, your capacity to understand complicated concepts and handle stressful situations is what will help more than your course outline. 

Do some co-curricular activities   

Co-curricular activities teach you a lot in university. It is not like the activities during school. You are going to be with adult minds. For example, almost every university has a society for parliamentary debates. These debates allow you to interact with people from all universities of Pakistan and speak against well-read people. It is a great way to challenge your mind and be a part of the intellectual community. You make constructive arguments that improve your knowledge, your communication, and the structure of your arguments. Likewise, you can be a part of dramatics society, music society, or anything that interests you. Whatever competition you are in, it is fun at the end of the day. 

Make full use of your university life to learn everything you can. Last not least, don’t miss the fun part of it. Enjoy your moments and make all your activities fun. You are going to miss this time after you graduate. So, make it as full of learning and enjoyment as possible. 

How many times do you get out of class and have no idea what the lecture was about? It happens many times even when you have taken notes of the topic your professor taught you. 

This is because maximum of us do not follow the right method of taking notes. When you are sitting in your class, you are fighting a battle within yourself about whether to listen or write down the lecture. Meanwhile, other distractions take your focus away and you miss something that you regret later on. At the end of the class, some information is on the notes, some of it is in your mind and some goes missing. This way, you end up with incomplete notes taking and insufficient understanding of the lecture. 

This definitely affects your grades because a teacher expects you to cover a question in the exam the way they taught you. And, for that, you need to cover their lecture completely. Here is how to take notes easily for good grades. 

What does it require to take good notes?

Before we move on to how you can take good notes that help you later on in your exams, there are some necessary protocols that you have to follow. Without them, you cannot make your notes comprehensive and understandable. 

The first thing is listening and thinking actively about what you are being taught. It is more important than jotting down the words that are coming out of your professor’s mind. It is not your teacher’s understanding that you are going to take away but yours. You, instead of writing everything, listen and think about it constantly. So, when you sit in your class, come with an open mind that is active and open to new ideas that are going to be fed to it. 

Second thing is to make sure you are not getting distracted from the environment. You have to keep fun separate from the study. Either sit away from your friends or make it clear that there is no room for any gossip or any other activity during the lecture. The notes taken with divided attention cannot be as useful as the ones taken with a focused mind.   

Third thing is to be prepared for the lecture before going to the class. That might sound very tiring to you but that actually can be very simple once you make it a habit. You already know the topic your professor is going to teach you or you can check it from the outline. Now look into the main headings from the book and write them down as the main bullet points. You will at least be prepared for what is going to happen in the lecture. The best you can do is to watch some videos read something online about the topics. 

Cornell notes taking method

Experts suggest this method of taking notes because it is easy, simple, organized, and requires active thinking during the class. 

As said earlier, constant writing is not at all the right method. Many students follow it because they find it easy as they do not have to be active recipients of the information they take. This costs them later on when they are trying to understand the concepts and revise the topics during exams. 

On the other hand, Cornell notes taking method requires you to think and then write. To make notes according to this method, you divide your page into three parts. The basic idea, notes, and the summary of the lecture. 

 The basic idea includes the main headings of the topics that you can add a day before when you are preparing the lecture. Notes are the bullets that mark the subheadings or important information that you want to remember. It can be any fact or the crux of an idea being taught. You can write it as comprehensively as possible as per your understanding. Summary of your notes will include the purpose of the lecture, the central concept, and its conclusion that you understood. 

When you take your notes according to this method, you are constantly challenging your mind to think and come up with the best thing that can define this concept. By the end of the lecture, you have already understood the maximum of it. You can use these notes during the exam period too. 

Long story short, being an active recipient of the information is the prerequisite of taking notes. Another thing that you have to take care of is to eliminate all the factors that distract you during lectures. You do not have to be conscious about making your notes very neat as the Cornell method makes it organized enough to be followed later on. 

Government College University has a legacy of one and a half centuries of educational excellence. Under the supervision of renowned vice-chancellors and perceptive administrators, it has maintained its name on the list of the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan.

Although this whole university is an esteemed educational institution, certain departments are more reputable than others. The Political Science department is one of those.

If you know a person who has an interest in political science, you also get to know about their desire to study the subject from GCU’s department. Well, is it the legacy and countless years of education that make it this famous? To some extent, yes. But students have a different point of view. They give the credit of its fame to some different factors. Also, they have a lot to tell about this department that we can never observe from outside. Here is all about how being a student of this department looks like and what are the reasons behind its big name.

Political Science department and its students

No doubt, when we see a department thriving, the credit goes to its faculty and administration. But it is not always like this. Talking about GCU’s political science department, its students have a huge role in giving it a big name.

It is very difficult to get admission to this department. Hundreds and thousands of people from all over the country apply and appear in its entrance test. Only a few (less than 50) who clear the test get a chance to become a part of this institute. So, the students who come here already have a good insight into the political issues, current affairs, and knowledge of the social dynamics.

Moreover, many graduates of this department are now CSS or PMS officers, and many are in other notable positions in the country. This particularly adds to its fame and the reason why students desire to be a part of it.

‘Students come through a competitive exam and that is why this department is different from other universities Pol. Science departments,’ Haider Butt, a recent graduate, and renowned political activist, said when asked about what makes this department different from others.

A place of healthy discourse

Another thing that is unique about GCU, particularly its political science department, is a healthy political discourse. It is very rare in Pakistan and no matter what a university claims, it does not give space to people to have a different and independent ideology that is not followed by the mainstream. GCU is one of the rarest places in this country where such debates happen and different ideas are discussed. However, it does not give its students the complete autonomy that it should but it is better than many others.

Butt while talking on it said, ‘the classroom environment is very tolerant. We have debates outside of the class, too and that is very productive. We face a battle of ideas here and that is what helps us groom our knowledge and thinking capabilities.’

Another student from the last year of her bachelor said, ‘to study subjects like political science, we need to have healthy discussions where people having different beliefs and ideas participate. In GCU, we get this environment in our classrooms, cafes, lawns, and libraries.’

However, the changing policies are now trying to stop such debates and discourage students to participate in such discussions and political activities. ‘Students who are more active in such discussions and healthy student politics are now being victimized by faculty and administrative staff but this tradition of learning and critical thinking in GCU cannot be stopped very easily,’ said Haider Butt while he was talking about the challenges he faced when he raised his voice for student rights.

Faculty of the department

The faculty of the department has now become a controversial point to discuss. Many lecturers who were famous among students, used to encourage political debates, and participate in different study circles have been expelled by the department. Ahmad Hayat and Zaigham Abbas are the two of these names.

Both of them are still remembered by the students and they want to have them back. ‘Ahmad Hayat was very lenient with students. He was always well prepared for his lectures and was a learned person. Instead of focusing on students’ moral policing and discipline, he focused on engaging us with different ideas,’ said Butt.

While talking about Zaigham Abbas, a current student of the department said, ‘we used to have very productive lectures with him. His teaching method was really amazing and we could not help but participate in the discussion on the topics he taught. He triggered us to think critically on every simple and complicated idea.’

However, the current staff is also composed of learned lecturers and professors but none of them is as famous among students as the few previous ones. Other names among them are Usman Siddiqui and Fouzia Ghani.

Political science department and political activism

Usually, you are encouraged to practice what you learn. Political science is an amazing field which if practiced correctly can bring constructive changes that are required in society. It is so ironic that the department of political science does not encourage its students to be active politically. The enlightened ones are still pursuing their activism despite resistance from their institute. They are also the reason why this department is considered such an excellent learning place for students.

GCU’s Political Science department has become a place where students are made to learn new political ideas, think on them and discuss them but when they start implementing them, they are demoralized and victimized in different ways. In some cases, they are expelled.

A healthy environment where students can choose to have an independent ideology and to pursue it (until it is not harming others’ lives) is necessary for learning. It is the essence of a democratic system and a place that was established for this purpose.

Well, this department of GCU is fighting the battles of freedom and policing. Perhaps, this discourse is what makes it so different a place where students and teachers are enlightened enough to question the system.

However, the department is now offering all the degree programs that include bachelor, master, Ph.D., and diplomas in Political Science. You can check out its website for more details related to admissions.

Many students, when they do not get good grades in their exams, wish if they were smarter. Everyone you see around believes that good grades, success, and becoming a bright student are about being smart. Well, researches do not prove the fact.

Many studies done in different institutes have proven that good grades come with good and persistent study habits. The students who study hard in a healthy routine are the ones who score higher than others. So, never blame yourself or others for not being smart. Consistent studying can change your fate. But that is the most difficult thing, right?

Yes, when exams are near and when you have a burden of studies on you, every stimulus in the environment starts diverting your attention. You would check your phone, start window shopping online, take a nap, chat with a friend, or do anything but study. Here are a few rules that you have to follow in order to study consistently for your exams and to keep your attention undivided.

Make studying your habit

This is something that you have been hearing since your childhood. Everyone tells you to make studies your habit and a part of life. But no one ever told you how and why of it.

So, why should you make studying a habit? Actually, we are a product of the actions that we do every day. What we do in our routine is what we have become. For example, you are a person who wakes up at a certain time, brushes their teeth, and gets ready for college, or might follow a different routine. Guess how much effort does it take to do that. Let’s take just one action like brushing your teeth. You wake up and brush your teeth and that is your habit. Once it becomes a part of your daily activities, you do not need a different effort or willpower to do it.

Yes, this concept is very much related to willpower. We need it to do every action. But once an action has become our habit, there is lesser willpower required to do it again and again. This idea is also called ‘automaticity.’ The action that has become part of your routine will start getting performed automatically without you having to convince your brain.

So, make studying your habit. Start with smaller steps. Let’s say, study three hours a day with small breaks. Once you have started doing it effortlessly, add more time to it.

Be strict with yourself in the beginning

If you have to develop consistent study habits, you will have to show yourself some hard love. That does not mean you have to make a hard and tough schedule. As I said earlier, start with smaller steps and study with breaks. But once you have established a routine, never ruin it by taking a holiday or anything. Studies have proven that holidays act contradictory to productive studying routines. At least, in the beginning, let your habits get mature before taking such breaks.

Ask someone to hide unnecessary technology

Yes, if you cannot do it yourself ask someone else to do it for you during your studying time. It can be your video games, your mobile phone, or any gadgets that keep distracting you. If you need your phone while studying, keep it on airplane mode or do anything to keep it from affecting the efforts that you are doing to make a consistent study routine.

Monitor your habits

Monitoring habits is a very good step to make them firm and long-lasting. How do you do it? Make some notes and start checking if you are studying for the required time you set. You can also mark on a calendar or anything that suits you. not just that, check if you improved with days, has it become easier for you, or if you are given some more time to studying, or are you progressing backward, etc.

This is a way of keeping a check and then bringing changes according to it.

Reward yourself with good habits

Where you have to be strict with yourself, you also have to show some love that works as a reinforcer for your habits. You can reward yourself after the whole day of studying with some good meal, buying yourself some good stuff at the end of the month or anything that acts as a reward for you. Doing this reinforces your habits of studying consistently and they become stronger.
So, at whatever stage of life, you are, consistent studying is the only way to perform well in your exams. Making it a habit will benefit you for the whole of your life. Thus, start working on your studying routines from the very today.

There are many opportunities waiting for you in Pakistan. The problem is we do not look at all of them. Every year, many PPSC tests are being conducted that cover almost all the fields of education. Where you are a graduate in Botany, Physics, International Relations, English Linguistics, or anything, you have a chance to appear in a PPSC exam.

There is a category of people who do not consider them. Even many of you will not be aware of all the tests that are listed below. Why is it so? The reason is that people are so obsessed with the charm of CSS or PMS exams, they do not imagine anything lesser demanded than that. Well, there are PPSC tests that are way easier than these exams and can get you to really good posts.

So, you should start looking beyond them to increase your chances of getting into a good position in Pakistan. No doubt, CSS has its hype and you would still prioritize it over any other test. But here is a reality check. Very few people have a chance there (as the seats are quite limited), not everyone has those skills to be a good civil services officer (and that is quite alright), and other positions and skill-demanding fields are now reducing its charm. Also, you might get to work in your field of expertise like teaching or engineering instead of some administrative positions. In short, there are a lot of options for you. Some are briefed here.

PPSC tests for lecturers

These vacancies come almost every year under the higher education department. PPSC test for lectureship is one paper test that includes multiple-choice questions related to general knowledge and the specific area of education, generally. However, the department may introduce minor differences which you can check when the vacancies appear. This test is usually for candidates from all fields of education. The number of seats may vary for different departments. The 17th-grade lecturers hired through this test are posted in different colleges.

PPSC tests for engineers

Different government departments have vacancies for engineers. For example, Public Health and Engineering Department, Communication and Works, and Local Government and Community Development, etc. They offer seats during different timelines of the year. So have to keep checking the official PPSC website for it. The engineers hired through PPSC in different departments have 17th grade, a fair chance of growth, and handsome salaries.

PPSC tests for Board of Revenue

For those who can perform well in the revenue department, PPSC tests are a great way for them to get into this department. They have a hold of all the agricultural lands and work their tax management and collection. The posts of Tehsil Dar and Naib Tehsil Dar are usually offered through a PPSC test.

PPSC tests for Police Department

If you are interested in working with the Police department, PPSC tests are again an easy way for it. PPSC test for the vacancies of Sub Inspector, and Assistant Sub Inspector happen and the qualifying candidates are hired at fourteenth and eleventh grade respectively. Although the grades are not very high, but these are significant positions in a police department.

Seats in Local Govts. and Community Development department

This department also hires at multiple positions through the PPSC exam. The main ones are Chief Officers and assistant directors. Ads are of 17th grade whereas the grades of COs vary. These positions are administrative in nature and the hired officers are posted in different cities.

Anti-Corruption Establishment Department

The Anti-Corruption Establishment department also hires assistant directors and sometimes inspectors through PPSC exams. This is a really good department that has fair opportunities for growth and recognition in the country.

Excise and Taxation Department

This is also a well-recognized department of Pakistan that many aspirants wish to be a part of. PPSC conducts one paper test for the hiring of inspectors in this department. However, the hiring of other posts may also occur at the will of the institute.

Stay aware of all the seats opening in different departments on the official website of the Pakistan Public Service Commission. You will surely find some suitable opportunities for you. These tests are way easier than FPSC and other civil services exams. You have to have a good memory and work hard to memorize the general knowledge questions and other ones (based on the specific requirements of the test). With very little effort as compared to other tests, you can be a part of the country’s big departments.

There are some fields of education that do not seem to have a very good job market. But if you are exceptionally talented in it, no one can touch the pace of your growth and success. Fashion design is one of those fields.

You see many designers claiming there is nothing for them in the market. At the same time, you see famous designers making money and living the life of celebrities. What is the difference? Well, the job market does matter but there is a way to make your place in the limited opportunities and become a big name. It is hard and requires all the passion and hard work. The factor that can cause the biggest difference is the institute of study.

In Pakistan, if you look for an institute to study fashion design, you do not come up with a very long list. This is because not many people are encouraged to study the subject. Still, the ones who consider themselves made for fashion design make their way. The subject has a great scope abroad and the institutes provide an outstanding education. However, that international level education is also possible in Pakistan if you study at the best institute to study fashion design.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design is the place that can provide you with a high-class degree that equips you for a promising career in the field. Here is why we consider it the best place for this degree.

Why PIFD is the best?

We find PIFD as the best place to study fashion design in Pakistan that has no match in the country till now for many reasons. The education and curriculum meet the criteria and needs of the market both nationally and internationally. Moreover, it is affiliated with many recognized institutes that help students to gain experience, get higher education, and practice at the world’s top fashion institutes. Not just that, this department is focusing on creating self-dependent and excellently talented graduates and entrepreneurs who are a brand in their name.

The institute has is also known for its notable alumni who have a reputation all over the world.

History and courses offered by the institute

Pakistan’s textile industry faced a shortage of talented designers for many years after partition. However, the trend of designing in the home country diminished. To compensate for that deficiency of the art in the industry, it was established as Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PFSD) in 1994. However, it became PIFD in 2008 and is now providing HEC recognized degrees.

The institute stood strong to its purpose as many graduates like Maria B have added to the industry and its name on an international level.

PIFD offers undergraduate courses in almost seven disciplines now. The first year is the foundation year that is followed by three years of bachelor’s. Foundation year is to set the basic knowledge and awareness to the field that helps a student to select their discipline from the offered programs.

There are four schools of the institute now namely School of Fashion Design, School of Textile Design, School of Accessories and Products, and School of Fashion Marketing and Promotions. The School of Accessories and Products further has four departments including furniture design and manufacturing, ceramics and glassware, leather accessories and footwear, and gems and jewelry.

The students are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills like marketing and entrepreneurship. Moreover, the students gain experience and get a lot of opportunities to apply their knowledge.

International recognition and affiliations

Working under the chancellorship of Dr. Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan, this institute has faculty that is recognized in the top institutes of the world. They are trained by fashion schools in Paris and other renowned colleges.

Moreover, PIFD provides countless chances to its students to study abroad to attend training, workshops, and study on exchange programs in different countries like Sweden, France, and Boras that are the hub of fashion.

The institute works in close collaboration with Erasmus+, Commonwealth associations, and renowned business communities.

The institute also offers many scholarships to fund students through their education. There are a great many opportunities for you once you become a part of PIFD. So, if you want to study at the alma mater of institutes of HSY, Nomi Ansari, and Sara Rohale.

Studying abroad is in fashion these days. However, not everyone wants to challenge themselves to apply for scholarships that can give them unique and amazing experiences. This is true that it is a difficult process and the competition is tough. But it takes you the first step to get into the process.

Once you start applying, more and more opportunities start opening for you. Here are six main reasons why you should consider applying for a scholarship.

  1. International Exposure 

It might seem like an ordinary thing. But it is the most amazing experience you can have in your life. Looking at the world and its people whom we just used to study about or watch on a series is the thing that you have got to do in your life. It lets you know about the world directly by looking at it. So, this exposure cannot be replaced by any other thing no matter how great you are doing in your life.

  1. Outstanding learning experience

When you go abroad on scholarships or exchange programs, you are a part of a group from different parts of the world. People with different educational backgrounds different living conditions and versatile families become your community. Not just that, when you study with people from multiple ethnicities, knowing different languages, practicing their religion and unique cultural activities or festivals, not only your mind broadens, you get an outstanding learning experience with them. It makes you become a part of the challenges that you have never experienced before, so get to know new things and learn what mere education could not give you.

  1. The prestigious value attached with the scholarship

A scholarship is an award and you are honored if you get one. So, you are considered a valuable student in your university. Not only that, it adds to your credentials, and you are prioritized in the job market as well. Only being awarded a scholarship is a huge and most significant addition to your profile.

Moreover, it paves the way for your future. If you want to work at an international organization, you need a foreign qualification for that. Also, if you are applying for a master’s and want to do a doctorate as well, it increases your chances to get some amazing funding increase significantly.

  1. You can give meaning to your life by studying abroad

Foreign qualification is not just the name of studies. In fact, it is thirty percent study and seventy percent what you learn from different challenges and other learning experiences. The experts who have gone abroad for studying are of the same view. Many realized their interests and passions on this journey. Moreover, when you spend time with different people and add to the diversity, it tells you the importance of peace and harmony, and your beliefs get mature.

Well, you might also find the love of your life there. Not kidding! Research done on the Erasmus exchange program revealed a quarter of the students who got the award found their life partner during this time. You might also become one of those lucky people.

  1. Upgraded and latest education

We are often afraid of meeting the international standards of education. There is no second argument on the fact that they are far ahead in education than us. With better facilities, upgraded courses, and the latest tools, they give you an outstanding studying experience.

Becoming afraid to be a part of that system only adds to the backwardness of ourselves and our nation. So, take a step to be a part of that system where you can get better opportunities. Look at your subjects from different perspectives to be the best in it.

  1. Life needs bigger challenges  

Last not least, the only life that you are living needs adventures, new experiences, and tougher challenges. Only this way you can improve your personality and upgrade your life. When you are abroad, you are continuously facing challenges, you deal with different arguments, people’s perspectives about you and try to make relations with the people who are different that you. Moreover, you survive through that environment that you are very new to.

All these challenges give you a command over your life and social relations.

These are just the things that the people who have studied on scholarships consider important and encourage others to experience. Your life can be more amazing and different. Start working from today to be a part of a bigger world.

Scholarships are a great way to open the doors of huge opportunities for you. They don’t only make you a more recognized student and a potential candidate for future goals but also give you an amazing learning experience. There are many ways for you to study abroad. However, getting a scholarship is the most prestigious one. It requires good academic records and other credentials. Because, unlike self-paid admission methods, you have to compete for the position and prove that you are the best fit for that position

Here are the top scholarship opportunities that you as a Pakistani student can avail of.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program

Erasmus is a very interesting scholarship program that offers many benefits to the selected candidates. The admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree good academic record, an English language test (with a really good score), recommendation letters, a very well-composed motivation letter, and other formalities of the application. It usually offers only master’s programs in a few selected fields.

The fun thing about Erasmus+ programs is that they are combined master’s degrees. This means you get to study at more than one university in more than one European country (usually two or three). Unlike other scholarship programs, this one is flexible in terms and conditions. After you complete your degree, you a get a two-year work permit. So, this is a great opportunity to start your career. It covers all the expenses, from tuition and living to food and travel. You can check the details on its official website.

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright is a very prestigious scholarship program that offers students from Pakistan to study at the best US universities. The admission requirements include the basic ones like the previous degree, English language test score, recommendation letters, personal statement essay, and a GRE test, etc. there are many other details in the application that have to be filled out. It offers both master’s and Ph.D. programs.

It also covers all the educational, living, and traveling expenses. However, it has strict rules and regulations that students have to live by. One of them is that you have to come back to your country to spend an equal duration of time in your home country. The details and the application dates can be found out on the website.

Chevening Scholarship Program

Chevening is also an esteemed scholarship program that gets you to study at the best universities in the UK. The process is highly competitive and requires an outstanding academic and career record.

The admission requirements are added with each year’s application. However, the basic ones remain the same as mentioned above except for the GRE (as it does not need that). You have to show a two years academic record to be considered for this scholarship. Covering all the educational and living expenses, this program also has a condition for you to spend an equal duration of time in your home country. The details of this scholarship program can be found here.

DAAD Scholarships

There are many funding opportunities under DAAD. However, the main DAAD scholarship for Pakistani students is an amazing program that benefits its scholars to a great extent.

It mostly covers German universities that offer high quality of education. The programs that it offers are limited and vary every year. Both research fundings and degree scholarship programs are offered under it. The requirements vary according to the degree or the funding that you are applying for.

It also requires you to show a two-year work experience as a requirement of acceptance. You have to show a high score in the English language test (IELTS or TOEFL) and a good academic record.

In some cases, you have to present a research proposal, too. Check out its details here.

MEXT Scholarship

MEXT offers scholarships to international students every year. It is a competitive scholarship program to study at one of the best Japanese universities. Offering multiple programs, it covers almost every area of study.

In terms of benefits, it is a great program that covers all kinds of studying, traveling, and residential requirements. Like the above scholarships, you have to provide proof of your English language skills through an authentic test. The application procedure is a little more complicated which you can check at its official website.

All the above-given programs are the top scholarships that you as a Pakistani student apply to. Whatever the program you select, make sure you start preparing for it before time and complete all the documents. Keep track of all the deadlines and start making a string profile from today.