The university BPS teachers started a countrywide peaceful protest in all public sector universities to stop the violation of HEC ordinance. The call for protest is called by the All Pakistan Universities BPS teachers Association (APUBTA) for not fulfilling the agreement signed by the HEC wherein it was decided that the BPS draft statutes for the right of promotion shall be presented in last week of November but HEC is failed to do so. The right of promotion for all faculty is granted in HEC Ordinance that unfortunately is only granted to one group of Teachers and BPS teachers are deprived that is another violation of the constitution of Pakistan in the form of discrimination among the same cadre of teachers.

APUBTA protest shall now be continued until the right is granted and implemented for all BPS teachers with backdate benefits to balance the discriminatory created seniority.

Today mostly all the teachers wore black ribbon on arms to record a peaceful protest against the discrimination. The protest shall soon be extended to sit-in in front of HEC if the issue is not resolved. The president and the Prime Minister of Pakistan shall take notice of the violation of ordinance otherwise the peaceful environment in universities shall severely be disturbed as discrimination is no longer acceptable to APUBTA.

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