Beaconhouse celebrates the International Teacher’s Day

Beaconhouse celebrates the International Teacher’s Day

Beaconhouse celebrates the International Teacher’s Day

Beaconhouse Group – the largest international network of private schools, celebrated International Teacher’s Day on Tuesday by paying a special tribute to the crucial role of teachers. Teachers’ role to selflessly shape the leaders of tomorrow and inspire nation-building through focused mentoring and commitment to cause was specifically emphasized.

The tribute was marked through a thought-provoking campaign titled ‘ajeeb log hain ye’, which highlighted the noble character of teachers who invest their heart and souls towards the academic nurturing and learning of their students.

The campaign consisted of a special video launched on Beaconhouse’s social media platforms that showcased the everyday moments and challenges of teachers while they embark on their mission of creating change through learning.

The campaign also invited everyone from students to their parents and Beaconhouse alumni to share a memory or a picture of their favourite teacher with the hashtag #ThankYouTeacher.Beaconhouse Group is proud to be the largest employer within the country’s private education sector employing more than 8,500 teachers.

While speaking about the occasion, Kasim Kasuri, CEO, Beaconhouse said, “Teachers are the real heroes who guide and inspire their students to overcome their learning challenges and embrace a brighter future. On International Teacher’s Day, we pay a special tribute to all the teachers and educators throughout Pakistan and around the world without whom all innovation and progress will cease to exist. I humbly thank them for their tireless efforts for shaping a better future for all.”

The current pandemic was the most threatening phenomenon for teachers that challenged traditional education practices across the globe. However, Beaconhouse was able to ensure learning continuity during this difficult time by empowering its teachers to embrace new teaching methods and help the students to continue with uninterrupted learning.

Beaconhouse teachers, including from Beaconhouse School System and The Educators among others, focused on achieving learning milestones instead of delivering content and used a combination of in-person and digital means to deliver lessons. These innovative teaching methods were able to effectively foster creative thinking, communication, and collaboration and instilled a love for learning amongst students.

The Beaconhouse Group has a 45-year legacy of educational excellence and takes pride in its faculty of more than 8,500 teachers across the country. True to its focus on professional development, each teacher at Beaconhouse spends at least 30 hours of formal professional development per year. This is a combination of in-house, local, and international training opportunities including subject specific courses, and diverse categories such as well-being, differentiation, mentoring, leadership, technology and PSHE, amongst others.

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