Beaconhouse teachers completed International Subject Leadership Certificate

Beaconhouse teachers completed International Subject Leadership Certificate

International Subject Leadership

Seventeen teachers from Beaconhouse, one of the largest private educational networks in the world educating over 315,000 students, have successfully completed the inaugural International Subject Leadership Certificate by the UK-based Professional Training Institute.

The 18-month accreditation is a modular course that allows participants to work with experienced practitioners to design exceptional lessons. It aims to develop subject leaders through the design and delivery of challenging Schemes of Work (SoW).

Teachers enrolled in the course reflected on the current context of their subject within their school curriculum, considered what makes successful subject leadership, and explored the course success criteria during the online launch meeting. They gathered evidence to help reflect upon and illustrate the impact of their work on pupils, colleagues and themselves. During the course, participants were assessed in peer-to-peer professional interviews during an online review meeting, to discuss and reflect upon the success and impact of their work.

The Professional Training Institute is a UK education charity supporting teachers at all stages of their career to develop specialist subject knowledge. It believes that all children, regardless of their background or ability, are entitled to a rich education delivered by passionate and knowledgeable teachers.

Commenting on the accomplishment, Ali Ahmed Khan, Chief Operating Officer, Beaconhouse said, “This has been a great learning experience for our hardworking teachers. At Beaconhouse, we prioritize teacher training and believe in continuous development that supports them in facilitating effective learning in the classroom. I congratulate all the Beaconhouse teachers for completing the certification and look forward to seeing them implement their learnings.”

Sana Saleem Agha, Omema Hassan and Saima Nazli are among the Beaconhouse teachers who completed the certificate.

Sana Saleem Agha said, “It was great to observe that my students felt more positive about their ability to read and have improved reading skills. They have shown great confidence in speaking too. It was observed that they raised and answered questions about the characters, settings, events, etc. from stories easily. Hence, the designed schemes of work had a significant impact on my students.”

Omema Hassan said, “I am happy to be part of this unique experience where I felt empowered to choose my own focus, design my own SOW, implement it, and plan further. Learning, unlearning and relearning has made me a reflective practitioner and a better teacher. I now keep on improving my teaching strategies.”

Saima Nazli said, “My students have developed a love for reading after the pandemic had drastically deteriorated their reading skills. Furthermore, the SOW helped to develop and regain their confidence in public speaking.”

Chris Pope, Co-Director, Professional Training Institute said, “The Professional Training Institute is delighted to congratulate these teachers on their incredible hard work and effort to complete our International Subject Leadership Course. It takes a lot of dedication to complete this course and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate their incredible achievement. It is great to see that not only does this help teachers improve their confidence and skills in the classroom, but also translates to the students feeling more inspired”.

Beaconhouse and the Professional Training Institute aim to inspire teachers and school leaders to become more effective, enthusiastic, and influential. Their sustainable approach to professional development helps teachers become experts in their subjects and pass on a love of learning to their students.

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