The University of Home Economics (UHE) Lahore was adorned with creativity as Begum Chief Minister Punjab, Dr. Warda Mohsin Naqvi, inaugurated a vibrant two-day exhibition spotlighting the outstanding projects of students from the Interior Design Department.

The exhibition hall at UHE was transformed into a hub of creativity, with students showcasing their intricate and innovative works of art and design. The ceremony was attended by Vice Chancellor Dr. Syeda Faleeha Zahra Kazmi, along with esteemed faculty members including Dr. Faryal Abdullah and Dr. Tayyaba Sohail.

Dr. Warda Mohsin Naqvi commended the students for their remarkable artistic prowess, praising the depth of understanding and practical application evident in their creations. She highlighted the significance of such platforms, emphasizing that they play a pivotal role in nurturing and showcasing the creative expressions of students.

Begum Chief Minister also acknowledged the pivotal role of teachers, recognizing their contribution in imparting professional knowledge and skills. She stressed the importance of providing consistent opportunities for students to express their creativity.

Vice Chancellor Professor Kazmi reiterated the university’s commitment to hands-on learning, emphasizing the importance of practical work in nurturing students’ talents and preparing them for future success in the field. She expressed the administration’s encouragement for students to engage in such projects regularly, promoting a culture of creativity and innovation within the student body.

Throughout the exhibition, students enthusiastically presented their projects, offering insights into their creative processes and design concepts. The event served as a testament to UHE’s dedication to fostering artistic excellence and providing students with valuable opportunities for the practical application of their skills.

The exhibition will remain open for the public for the next two days, offering a chance for art enthusiasts and aspiring designers to witness the incredible talent nurtured within the halls of the University of Home Economics.

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