Benefits of studying English Literature


7 Benefits of studying English Literature

While many students go for English Literature as their degree, they learn various literary movements, periods and approaches that have been shaped in a way that we all view literature in today’s world. English Literature studies give an opportunity to discover how literature makes sense through a series of novels, plays and poems.  Learning English Literature opens the gateways to a whole new world of creativity and inspiration. Are you thinking to opt for English Literature for further studies? In this article, we have listed a few benefits of studying English Literature.

1. Literature teaches about the past

Just like History records the past, in the same way Literature reflects mankind at any point in time. While studying Literature, historical knowledge is revealed that helps students gain perspective of different cultures. History comes to life while studying English Literature, it awakens one’s imaginations and it also helps combine literature’s past portrayals with ordinary lives. It also helps students to understand different viewpoints.

2. Improves communication skills

The easiest way to improve writing, speaking skills and vocabulary is to study Literature. Good communication skills are the key in every aspect of life be it your personal life or career. Having good communication skills goes beyond just writing, it goes into regular conversations and interactions with all sorts of people. Exposure to Literature at a young age allows people to develop good communication skills and it also helps in improving their abilities through more reading.

3. Literature teaches you about yourself

Literature is full of all kinds of characters and human reactions, which helps students in understanding human nature. Poems, essays, plays, novels and narratives bridge the gap of time as students get to explore the hidden context messages that hold something meaningful and numerous lessons on life. This also helps Literature students become more aware of today’s problems.

4. Literature encourages critical thinking

Critical thinking is an essential part of life as it allows people to work through their problems. Studying Literature is the perfect opportunity to develop these skills. While studying Literature, the students must concentrate on every detail, pick up on even the smallest detail provided, form their own opinions and make connections as to what is happening in the novel. This helps them understand better and gives them tools and ideas that will be fruitful in the future.

5. Expands vocabulary

Unlike magazines or books, Literature contains vocabulary that may seem challenging to some students but as the person goes on to read such complex books, they only broaden their knowledge of new words and phrases. It also helps those people who are trying to learn a new language, literature helps them in enhancing their skills as they come across language that may seem unfamiliar to them.

6. Keeps the brain active and healthy

Reading has some amazing powerful effects on our brain which we should not ignore. As reading Literature books stretches our imagination, it also helps to improve our concentration levels, it forms mental stimulation which is great for our brain. The brain is a muscle which needs exercise like any other part of our body, to keep us active and healthy. Reading strengthens the imaginative parts of the brain which encourages our creativity and innovation.

7. Literature improves concentration and focus

Some people struggle with a short attention span but reading helps improve that function. Reading complex books like Literature can be a bit more challenging, which makes the brain work harder. As the book gets more and more complex, the need for focus increases. Hence, the more a reader engages with Literature, the more their focus tends to grow.

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