Did you know that Bachelor of Business Administration, also famously known as the BBA, is quite a popular degree in Pakistan and there are a number of highest-paying jobs after BBA. Every year dozens of students choose to opt for BBA as their degree because of the rising popularity as well as the high demand in the job market. There are plenty of job opportunities with some of the highest-paying salaries for students who have a BBA degree. It surely opens the gateway to an amazing career path. Besides medical or LLB, BBA is another profession that will always stay on the top, and it will continue to rise and trend in Pakistan in the coming years.

BBA is the subject that provides a core understanding of general management concepts as well as practices. BBA also helps prepare students for a career in the business environment. The subject of BBA also thoroughly emphasizes communication as well as leadership skills. The study of BBA mainly revolves around the aspects of finance, business, marketing, economics, as well as manufacturing. Are you looking for the highest-paying jobs after BBA? Well, you have certainly landed on the right page. In this article, we have listed down some of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and discover all the details about some of the highest-paying jobs after BBA.

  1. Marketing Manager

Marketing management is one of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. Marketing managers are mainly responsible for promoting brands, services as well and goods. Marketing managers are also responsible for creating new marketing strategies. They also oversee as well as optimize marketing strategies that would maximize a brand’s profits. There are several brands, local, and international firms, and industries that are always on the lookout for marketing managers who can look after marketing the products as well as services to consumers with active campaigns. The salary of marketing managers is known to be quite high as well starting approximately at 150,000- 200,000 per month or maybe even more.

  1. Human Resource Manager

Human resource management is also one of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. Human resource managers play a fundamental part in any business organization. Their primary obligations are to ensure that everything is chugging along as expected with the workers. However, the principal job of human resource managers is continually developing to address the issues of business associations. It is a respected and reputable job in Pakistan.

  1. Brand Manager

Brand management is also one of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. The main responsibilities of a brand manager are to manage as well as develop the latest brand strategies. Brand managers are also responsible for creating as well as executing the latest marketing plans to build up awareness regarding the brand and to attract new customers. However, a brand manager must also know everything about traditional to digital marketing techniques. They must also have a keen knowledge as well as an understanding of branding as well as industry trends.

  1. Sales Executive

Sales executive also falls on the list of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. The main responsibilities of a sales executive are to boost the sales of a business as well as research, analyze as well and build up strategies to improve a company’s revenues. They are also mainly responsible for building as well as maintaining a client base, helping customers, and resolving their queries before purchasing from the company. They are also responsible for overseeing new business ideas as well as marketing opportunities.

  1. Business Consultant

The business consultancy also falls on the list of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. The core responsibilities of a business consultant are to identify the problems within the business organization, help overcome various challenges, expand the business as well and improve the revenue of a business. They are also mainly responsible for providing professional pieces of advice in the areas of finance, economics, marketing, law, accounting, etc. They also make sure to save a client’s money as well as resources.

  1. Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialist is yet another one of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. A content marketing specialist is responsible for drawing in new clients and holding onto them. These content marketing specialists also create engaging content, for example, blog entries, recordings, digital broadcasts, digital books, and numerous different types of media to connect with their crowd. Content marketing specialists may also oversee and analyze the performance of their content. They also mainly focus on distributing good quality content that engages with their desired crowd, and they also plan and implement new strategy changes.

  1. Product Manager

Product management also falls on the list of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. The core duties of a product manager are to plan as well as define new strategies for developing, launching, and testing existing or new products. Product managers also manage and train their teams which are involved in working on existing or new products. They may also perform market research before the launching of a new product to understand the consumer market and the demands.

  1. Account Manager/Executive

Account management and executive also fall in the category of the highest-paying jobs after BBA. The main responsibilities of an account manager/executive are to maintain client relationships as well as facilitate marketing efforts aligned with a client’s goals. An account manager/executive also works with several clients and pitch in new ideas related to their goals as well as marketing strategies.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing management also falls on the list of the highest-paying jobs after BBA The principal duties of a digital marketing manager are to produce leads, increment deals by utilizing different digital platforms promote mediums or channels, and secure clients. A digital marketing manager may also oversee and lead a whole digital marketing team, while also developing new digital marketing strategies. They are also responsible for overseeing website traffic, monitoring all the activities as well as strategies for brand promotions, analyzing analytics reports, etc.

Well, we hope this article helped you find some of best jobs after BBA. So, which one of these jobs interests you the most? Share your thoughts and views in the comments section!

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