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Are you a book lover? Do you love buying books more often? But you can’t seem to find a good bookstore that has all the books you need? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed the best bookstores in Karachi so head over to your favorite bookstores now and shop away.

1. Global Books

Global Books is in Phase V commercial area, Karachi. They have all sorts of books, be it Urdu novels, English novels, journals, notebooks and second-hand books as well. Global bookstore encourages people to read more books by offering various unique packages that appeal to different customers. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the bookstore and buy your favorite books.

2. Liberty Books

It is one of the best bookstores in Karachi. Liberty Books is the largest bookstore chain in Pakistan. They have all sorts of books available at their stores, from classics to literature novels, from the bestsellers to the rare books that are hard to find, they have it all. They have books from all the well-known international publishers as well. The best part is that Liberty books also hosts panel sessions, book bazaars and children’s story reading sessions. How cool is that! This place is great for all the book lovers out there.

3. Da’wah Books

Da’wah Books is a huge store with a vast variety of books available. They have all kinds of books available at their store, it is well stocked. They don’t only have Classic novels but also academic books and Islamic books as well. The books store consists of a huge collection which also includes journals, magazines and educational games.

4. Oxford University Press Bookshop

Oxford University Press Bookshop is one of the largest bookstores which consists of all sorts of books. Be it school textbooks to children’s books to history books to medicine to law. There is so much variety that they offer. They also offer digital learning resources. It’s a great place for all the book lovers out there due to the amazing selection of books. Heaven for the book lovers.

5. Paramount Books

Paramount Books (Pvt.) Ltd, was established back in the 1948, it is based in Karachi and other major cities in Pakistan. They mostly deal with academic books and medical books. Paramount Books also imports and distributes books from foreign publishers.

6. Book Ocean

Book Ocean has the largest collection of books. They primarily deal in academic books, children’s books, course books, professional books, journals, magazines and so much more. They also deal in art supplies, stationery, educational accessories and school bags too. It’s a one-stop shop for all book enthusiasts.

7. Mr Old Books

Mr Old Books is located near the Khadda market of Karachi. It is well-stocked and not overpriced at all. The bookstore has quite a decent collection of Urdu novels, as well as western literature novels. They also have an amazing collection of historical and current affairs books. The best thing about this bookstore is that the shopkeepers note down the requests for books along with the customer’s contact details and when they receive the books, they call the customers to inform them that their desired book is available at the shop.

8. Pioneer Bookshop

Pioneer Bookshop is one of the oldest bookshops in Karachi and was founded in 1945. The bookshop is in Karachi’s old city, it also offers space for discussions, book reading and meetings. They have a wide range of books available be it children’s books, magazines, comics, journals, academic books, professional books and much more. It is heaven for all book lovers.

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