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Best Career for Girls in Pakistan


Girls play a fundamental role in our society. Especially in Pakistan where women make up to 53% of the total population, women must play a role in boosting the economy of our country. Girls are the main assets of Pakistan, and they can play a very important role. As things are changing now, and as we continue to move towards betterment, many women are working in different fields. After reaching a certain level of education, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for girls to decide which professional or career side is the best for them. Everyone wants to make the most perfect choice to secure their career because a good choice of the field will certainly lead you towards the road to success. Are you on the lookout for the best career for girls in Pakistan? Well, you have certainly landed on the right page as in this article we have listed down some of the best careers for girls in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more about some of the best careers in Pakistan for all the girls out there.


With people being so conscious about their skin and hair problems nowadays, the need for dermatologists has seen to be increasing in the past few years. The scope and demand for dermatology in Pakistan have increased a lot and it is trending, it will continue to do so. There are also many job opportunities for dermatologists in Pakistan and it is certainly one of the best careers for girls in Pakistan.


Psychology is the best career that females can pursue. There are many career opportunities for women in this field, and the jobs have significantly increased over the last few years. The population in Pakistan faces alarming mental illnesses and so is the need for good psychologists. The future of psychology is extremely bright in Pakistan, so becoming a psychologist is truly one of the best career choices for girls in Pakistan.

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Medical Doctor

There is no doubt that MBBS is one of the tops and most demanding fields in Pakistan. It has always been on the top and is always trending. However, becoming a doctor is no piece of the cake as it requires a lot of hard work and years of tireless effort. Becoming a doctor is one of the top career choices for many girls in Pakistan. It is certainly the best career choice for a lot of girls out there.


Being a gynecologist is the most demanded career field for girls in Pakistan. There are many females which prefer to visit female gynecologists for their hormonal problems, pregnancy complications, menstruation irregularities, post-menopausal complaints, etc. In Pakistan, many females are hesitant in opening up about their feminine issues.


Teaching is a highly suitable profession for many girls in Pakistan. There are different levels of teaching available which start from the Montessori level to the Ph.D. level. The timings of teaching are quite flexible and easygoing, so many girls opt for this career. One can even easily start up a teaching center as well.


The technology industry in Pakistan is on a constant rise and is booming. There is a high need for talented yet skilled individuals who are passionate about the IT sector. There are thousands of jobs available in the IT sector too with some of the highest-paying salaries. Many girls opt for this field as there is a potential for growth and tons of opportunities that comes their way. This is one of the best careers for girls in Pakistan.


Becoming an architect in Pakistan not only comes with a handsome salary package but job security too. Girls are considered to have better designing skills, so the job of an architect is ideal for those who think outside the box and have some creative thinking skills. There are a lot of private firms that are always on the lookout to hire architects.


Pakistan has some of the best female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Many girls in Pakistan own their own salons, brands, makeup artists, etc. It is one of the growing fields which has a lot of demand.


Every year dozens of students get enrolled in the BDS program. There is a high demand for female dentists in Pakistan. This is because many female patients are usually not comfortable with male dentists. Hence, dentistry is one of the best careers for girls in Pakistan. Dentistry has always been in demand, has a huge scope and the pay scale is quite amazing too.

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