Are you confused about choosing what profession to go for after FSc Pre-Med in Pakistan? Hey, don’t worry! We have got your back. If you are looking for the best courses after FSc pre-med in Pakistan, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we have discussed everything about the best courses that can be done after FSc pre-med in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more about the best courses after Fsc pre-med in Pakistan.


Dozens of students want to opt for MBBS after the completion of their FSc pre-medical. But since the competition is tough, not many students are able to get admission into medical universities. MBBS is the base for multiple specialty courses, they can become a doctor or a surgeon.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the rapidly growing fields in Pakistan with a rewarding secure future. So, choosing to do a Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a smart choice a student can make. It is a therapeutic profession that revolves around the well-being of the human body and deals with how to cure bodily problems which may be related to its proper functioning or movements.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Pharm. B)

There are numerous multinational companies that are working in the business of medicine in Pakistan. The job market is always on the rise to hire pharmacologists. This field mainly focuses on research, discoveries as well as the production of drugs to cure various diseases.

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BS (Hons) Agriculture

This field holds great significance in Pakistan and is highly required. A career in the field of agriculture is highly rewarding with tons of work opportunities. A student of FSc pre-medical can easily opt for this field and secure a bright future.

BS in Microbiology

Microbiology works closely with pharmacology as it conducts extensive research on microorganisms that create diseases. Microbiologists usually serve in government labs and research centers. The job market is quite high with great salary packages.

BSc in Nursing

Nursing is another great profession, which wasn’t recognized previously but with the world moving towards betterment, this profession is on the rise and is widely accepted. In Pakistan, nurses serve in clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and governmental organizations.

BS Bio-Informatics

This is another great field that can be chosen after the completion of FSc pre-med. This field is ideal for all those students interested in technology and medicine. This field deals with the arrangement, and interpretation of complex biological data, and with technological estimation.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

BDS is a great choice that holds a promising future. Dentists are one of the growing career choices in Pakistan. After the completion of your degree, one can even open their own clinic.

Doctor in Pharmacy (D-Pharmacy)

After the completion of FSc pre-med, choosing to do D-pharmacy is one the best decisions a student can make. It holds a lot of importance, and it is always on the rise. After the completion of D-pharmacy an individual can easily work in pharmacies, the government sector, in the private sector, or even open their own pharmaceutical company.

Bs Honour Ophthalmology (KE)

This field of study has great growth and an even more amazing future. Ophthalmology is a study that mainly revolves around diagnosing and treating eye disorders.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is one of the most underrated professions in Pakistan, but it is highly required in the next few years.

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    I have selected ADP program.Is ADP a good for future.please guide me.

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    How much fee for full course of d pharmacy

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    Please tell me about KMUCAT

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    I had clear my fsc pre medical but now I want to study IT in future so what will I do for it

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    I passed FSC pre medical recently. Now I’m confuse I don’t know what should I do next . It’s difficult to choice . I want to do BS but I don’t know in which subject

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