Back-to-school season is upon us! Before you know it, your life will be taken over with stationery supplies, backpacks, notebooks etc. So, impress your friends and show off your creativity with these amazing back-to-school DIY projects. Best of Luck!

1. Make your mini button chalkboard

If you need a place for all your little notes and reminders, this DIY chalkboard is it. Here is what you will need: Piece of crafting wood, Chalkboard paint, Collage Clay, a variety of buttons.

⁃ Start by painting the surface of your wood with chalkboard paint. Paint at least 3 coats onto the wooden panel.

⁃ Once the paint dries up, start decorating.

⁃ Select the tip you will use for your collage clay and attach it to the bag.

⁃ Apply the collage clay to one side of the chalkboard and gently press your choice of decorations right into the clay along the edge of your chalkboard.

⁃ Do this for each remaining side. Allow the chalkboard to dry completely. How cool is this and super easy.

2. Mason jar pencil holders

Do you like to surprise your teacher on the first day of school with some cute homemade gift? If so, then this is the perfect DIY back to school gift for your favorite teachers. All you need is: Mason jars, spray paints, fish wire, card stock, pencils and scissors.

⁃ Spray the mason jars with your favorite color spray paints, it takes two coats. Allow them to dry between coats.

⁃ Cut the card stock into two-inch heart shapes. If you have difficulty in cutting then cut into any easier shape for example, a square or a circle and go from there.

⁃ Punch a hole in one of the card stock shapes and tie it to the mason jar with the help of the fish wire.

⁃ Personalize the jars by adding cute notes with the names of your teachers.

3. Handmade bookmarks

Handmade bookmarks are easy yet fun to make. Here is how you can make a bunch of these in no time. All you need is gift paper, glue stick, stickers, scissors, yarn, paper cutter, corner punch, hole punch and laminator sheets.

⁃ Cut your gift paper 1 1/2” wide and 6” long for each bookmark.

⁃ Round the corners with a corner cutting punch.

⁃ Use a hole punch to add a hole at the top.

⁃ Once you are done with the basic shape, you can then cut out fun shapes or phrases which you would like to add to your bookmark.

⁃ Now you can laminate it and add your favorite stickers.

4. Beaded backpack tags

Make these cool tags for your school bags, we are sure that no one else will have the same tags. The fun part about the project is that it’s totally customizable. All you need is small plastic toys, yarn, acrylic paint, beads, scissors, glue, paint brushes, safety pins, wire, and wire cutter.

⁃ Start by painting your plastic toys.

⁃ Use a safety pin to pierce holes into the top of the toys. This will only work for plastic toys which are thin or hollow.

⁃ Cut and bend wire to form loops in the top of the toys. Secure it by wrapping the wires together.

⁃ Thread regular beads onto a piece of yarn and make a tassel out of it.

⁃ Tie the tassel to the end of the tag then form a secure loop on the other end. Attach it onto some keychain or safety pin so you can easily attach it to your backpack.

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