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Best Medical Career after MBBS in Pakistan


Are you looking to find out about the best medical career after MBBS in Pakistan? Well, many students are often misguided that their options are limited to clinical practice or teaching. However, this is not the truth as the sky is the limit especially when it comes to career options for those who have just completed their MBBS. After completing your MBBS degree, you can choose from various career options and job opportunities. The world of medical science is constantly evolving, progressing, and leading toward many specializations. MBBS graduates can explore a plethora of career options in various fields after their degree. Are you searching for the best medical career after MBBS in Pakistan too? Well, don’t worry because we have got your back. You have certainly landed on the right page. In this article, we have discussed everything about the best medical career after MBBS in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more about the best medical career after MBBS in Pakistan.


A huge majority of MBBS graduates decide to opt for specializing in one field or another as it helps them give in-depth knowledge of a specific field in the medical world. An individual can choose to specialize in surgery or even pursue an MS in Anaesthesia, general surgery, ENT, or many other surgical specialties.

Government or Private Hospital Employment

The demand for doctors is truly very high in the healthcare sector, be it private or government. MBBS graduate doctors are highly demanded. One can even land a great job, even without a specialty. The posts offered at these hospitals to non-specialized doctors are usually of Assistant Medical Officer or Resident Medical Officer. The same is the case for government hospitals. One can easily find vacancies listed in newspapers. Hospitals are always looking to increase the number of doctors on board.

Clinical Research

Clinical research usually involves some form of residency or practice. Research is the ultimate career goal for many students. Clinical research mainly deals with the study of the effectiveness of different medical processes, drugs, and treatments that are subject to human use. Clinical research is another field that is highly in demand.

Start a Clinic

There are many students who often end up starting their clinics by themselves or with a bunch of other doctors. However, this option is limited as it requires a lot of capital so many don’t opt for it. Starting a clinic is a challenging task as one needs to register their business as well as get all the necessary permits before starting to treat patients.

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Defence Services

There are many people who often opt for a post in the Armed forces after they complete MBBS. These posts are usually given through advertisements when there are vacancies available in the Armed forces. Candidates who wish to be a part of the Armed forces must take part in interviews as well as medical check-ups before they are assigned to the navy, air force, or army. These jobs are highly paid and provide a secure yet bright career.

Sports Medicine

This career is ideal for all those who want to build a career in the medical sports industry. This career will help individuals in overall skills development as well as in imparting knowledge about various diseases and treating patients through numerous exercises, and sports.


This career is ideal for all those individuals who are more inclined towards academia. One can easily apply for vacancies in medical schools, colleges as well as universities. Individuals can also opt for a Ph.D. After the completion of a Ph.D., individuals can easily apply for a lecturer-ship in medical institutes as well as universities.


MBBS graduates are usually equipped with all the essentials of the field of medicine. People having unique business ideas can greatly contribute to the healthcare domain. However, entrepreneurship is a challenging and lucrative career field, but it is equally rewarding. It is perfect for all those people who are passionate about bringing innovation to the healthcare system, and industry through their revolutionary ideas.

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