Best Movies for Entrepreneurs

Best Movies for Entrepreneurs

Best Movies for Entrepreneurs

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you a student with a side of entrepreneurial thinking and looking for some knowledgeable yet interesting series or movies to watch? Are you looking for something that will keep your creativity flowing? If your answer is yes to all the following questions, then you have landed at the right page. We will share list of best movies for entrepreneurs. 

In this article, we have listed some of the best series and movies that would surely recharge your entrepreneurial mindset and lead to a lightning bolt of inspiration in you. If you pick the right things to watch, you will not only find some escapism but also get an amazing opportunity to get reinvigorated with these insightful shows and movies. 

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Steve Jobs

This film is divided into three parts showing how Steve Jobs was not born to follow the well-trodden path to success. The movie gives a brief insight into how Steve Jobs struggled in his personal and professional life and how he was not always good at playing with others. The movie shows the viewers how he lacked skills, but he did have a vision of affordable computing, never gave up on his dreams, and never let anything else stand in the way of accomplishing his goals. 

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

This is an amazing movie that every student should watch at least once. It is based on the story of a boy who successfully saved his town from famine by constructing a windmill to provide electricity and water. This movie teaches a great lesson about necessity being the mother of invention and how individuals should not let their doubts hold them back. Even if a person fails, never give up because there are many lessons to be learned and new goals to move on to. 


Suits consist of a total of 7 seasons in which the characters show how to deal with tough situations and still manage to stay on the top. The show is filled with humor. The two main characters, Mike and Harvey, provide lessons in confidence to their viewers and demonstrate how far a person can come if only you believe in yourself. The show is a great way to learn about negotiation and to navigate the complex situations you face in your life. 

The Mind, Explained

The Mind, Explained is a great show which teaches its audience on how to unravel the mysteries of our mind and how to understand people or what they think. The show features the inner working of our minds. It takes us on a journey of the five most intriguing parts of our minds, dreams, covering memory, mindfulness, anxiety, and psychedelics. 

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is one of the most amazing and popular shows right now. It is about the entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to a panel of experts who then choose whether they want to invest or not in those ideas. The panel expects these entrepreneurs to pitch in a strong idea and to understand the margins, production costs, and the audience to whom they want to sell their products. 

The Theory of Everything 

The Theory of Everything is based on the late Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant scientists. Hawking was a fighter who overcame a fatal disease and lived an accomplished life. This movie teaches a great lesson on how not to stop asking questions. The main message of this great movie is that life gives us amazing things only if we are brave enough to dream, work hard and believe in ourselves.

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Inside Bill’s Brain

Inside Bill’s Brain is a great documentary that is available on Netflix. It focuses on the former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, also one of the world’s richest men. Every episode narrates a different story of Bill’s life. This show briefly explains how Bill thinks and what methods one can apply to their life. You will also be able to find many creative techniques and ideas which you can use up later. 

Dirty Money 

Dirty Money brilliant series takes us on a shocking journey of corporate fraud and the undying greed that exists in the world. Every episode covers a great aspect of corruption. It shows the viewers everything from money laundering for huge cartels to crippling payday loans. 


Startup teaches the viewers all about the principle of flexibility. Start-up is a great teacher, especially for those wanting to work in diverse groups. It shows that as an entrepreneur, you always get the privilege to choose your employees and business networks but on the other hand, there are many times in which you don’t get to have this liberty. It teaches how becoming flexible will be the only key to lifelong success.

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