Best non-fictional books for young adults

Best non-fictional books for young adults

Best non-fictional books for young adults

Non-fiction books can help young readers understand the stories that shape events and people around us. In this article, we have listed some of the best non-fictional books for young adults which will surely have you learning outside the classroom.

1. Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen

This book is a great read as it changes the way you approach your responsibilities. The theme of this book mainly focuses on how an individual should get their tasks and thoughts out of their mind in a way that they don’t end up cluttering their headspace. The author pens down strategies on how you will be able to think better, focus more and create a schedule for all your goals and priorities. A must-read book.

2. Do You Know Who You Are? by Megan Kaye

This book is an amazing read as it helps young adults to figure out their real dreams, goals and desires. Do you often wonder who you really are and want to learn more about yourself? If yes, then this book is for you. This book has all the answers to your questions. The book contains self-advice and questionnaires that will surely help you get through difficult phases of life.

3. How to Attract Money by Joseph Murphy

This book is for all those young adults with entrepreneurial minds and for those who want to start earning at an early age. The author, Joseph Murphy pens down tips and strategies on how to be more independent to grow and expand in life. This book teaches individuals that in order to obtain wealth, one must have positive actions and train their minds to lead a happy, prosperous life. It’s an amazing read and highly recommended.

4. How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices by Annie Duke

This book provides its young readers with the tools and how to use them effectively for better decision-making. The author tells how experience is necessary for learning yet not sufficient and how decision-making is a teachable skill that anyone can sharpen. The book contains exercises, stories and illustrations that train your mind, address your strengths and weaknesses and helps you become a confident individual with good decision-making skills.

5. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

This book is all about how everyone must find a balance between their thinking abilities and decision-making skills. This is one of most interesting and amazing books with a combination of reaction, thinking abilities, and decision making. A must-read book.

6. How to Feel Confident by Leil Lowndes

How to feel confident is a perfect book for all those introverts out there. The author, Leil, has penned down how to identify the reasons behind shyness, how to address them, master public speaking, tips on how to overcome awkwardness in social gatherings and much more. The book explores the psychology behind meeting new people and techniques which you could practice every day in order to overcome that shyness. Highly recommended.

Other than the best non-fictional books for young adults, you can also read great books for young adults to learn crucial skills

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