Education is a basic right and necessity for everyone. Education is primary and one of the most important rights of every person to survive in this challenging world. Education plays a fundamental role in every person’s life. Getting an education from one of the best universities is the right of every person. Education nurtures our minds and polishes our skills as well as our personality. Every year dozens of students move on to the next chapter in their life, which is starting their education at the university. Thousands of students find the best universities in Lahore, however, there are multiple universities in Lahore, but the main concern of these students is which is the best universities in Lahore.

Every student dream of studying at the best university to secure their future. So, if you are looking to find the best universities in Lahore, you have come to the right page because in this article we will list down some of the best universities in Lahore that are ranked by the HEC in 2022. Read to find out more about the best universities in Lahore!

Lahore University of Management Sciences

Lahore University of Management Sciences also known as LUMS. It is one of the top universities in Pakistan and comes on the list of the most prestigious universities. LUMS offers exceptional courses to its students and is known to be an extraordinary place for learning, discovery, and transformation. LUMS has one of the best teaching faculties. LUMS has also been ranked in the top 501-600 universities. It is also recognized in the 2022 Times Higher Education’s (THE) World University Rankings by Subject in Engineering.

University of the Punjab

University of the Punjab also known as PU. University of the Punjab is one of the largest and oldest universities in Pakistan, it was established back in 1882 in Lahore. Punjab university is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) of the United Kingdom. The university has over 5 campuses, 13 faculties, over 83 departments, and research centers. An interview and written tests are required for admission at PU.

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University of Health Sciences

University of Health Sciences, which is also known as UHS. UHS was established in 2002. The institute aims to give brilliance in medical as well as health sciences on an international standard. The institute focuses on delivering an excellent high-quality education through its internationally qualified professionals. It ranks as the 2nd best medical college in Pakistan by HEC.

University of Engineering and Technology

University of Engineering and Technology also known as UET. It was established in 1921, and it is one of the oldest engineering universities in Pakistan. UET offers a variety of 92 STEM courses within the facilities of civil engineering, architecture, business planning, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and much more. UET is also linked to 42 international institutes including a few universities in the UK.

Government College University

Government College University also known as GCU is a public university. It is one of the oldest universities in Pakistan which provides, a diverse range of graduate and undergraduate programs. GCU’s mathematics and physics departments are internationally renowned.

King Edward Medical University

King Edward Medical University is quite famous among the masses. King Edward Medical University has a high standard of educational infrastructure. Dozens of students get enrolled here every year. The Higher Education Commission has given the 6th rank to King Edward Medical University among the best institutes of medical education. The institute has many learning departments such as basic sciences, medicine, and health sciences.

University of Management and Technology

University of Management and Technology also known as UMT is a private university. UMT was established in 1990 and recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. UMT comes in the W4 category of HEC which is the highest attainable HEC ranking for Pakistani universities. UMT offers more than 100+ bachelor’s, doctoral, and master’s degrees. They have a vast range of programs which include media and communication, textile design, banking, computer science, management, technology, engineering, etc.

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences also known as FAST. FAST is a private research-oriented university. The acceptance rate at FAST is only 5%. FAST consistently ranks among the top best universities in Pakistan and it offers world-class education on an international level. FAST is known to have one of the best teaching faculties in Lahore.

Lahore School of Economics

Lahore School of Economics, also known as LSE. LSE is one of the renowned universities in Pakistan, Lahore. LSE graduates have a huge demand in the job market for their competency skills.

Information Technology University

The Information Technology University is also known as ITU. ITU is a public research university. Information Technology University is modeled after MIT, which is one of the top prestigious universities in the United States of America. The ITU provides top-class education and is led by academics that taught and studied at The University of Cambridge, UK.

University of Lahore

The University of Lahore is one of the largest private universities in Pakistan, Lahore. It was established in 1998. The University of Lahore has campuses in different parts of the country. The University of Lahore offers a vast range of courses such as Law, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Engineering.

Kinnaird College

Kinnaird College is quite famous among the masses. It is an all-girls college. Kinnaird College was founded back at the beginning of the twentieth century. Kinnaird is known for its best teaching faculty in Lahore and offers top-class education to students. However, getting admission to Kinnaird is quite tough.

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