‘Bismillah’ discovered on a stone from the dinosaur era in Turkey

‘Bismillah’ discovered on a stone from the dinosaur era in Turkey

‘Bismillah’ discovered on a stone from the dinosaur era in Turkey

In Antalya, Turkey’s Mediterranean province, Bismillah was found to be written on million years old stones during a marble quarry. The fascinating discovery has left the Muslims of the world in awe.

The discovery was not merely made by the miners but confirmed and authenticated by qualified university professors and researchers. In the business area of Antalya Marble Industry and Trade Company that is located in Taskesigi village of the Korkuteli district of Antalya, an excavation was in process when the stone was found. There was an ambiguous figure on a marble stone that made the miners a little curious about it. They removed the dirt and cleaned it to investigate it further and surprisingly noticed that the shape on the stone resembles Bismillah, an Arabic word that is translated as ‘in the name of Allah.’

What do you think? Someone must have written it and left it during the era when Dinosaurs were alive, right? Well, the discovery made by the investigative team tells the opposite. They say that Bismillah looks naturally carved on the stone. 

When the workers found the word written on the marble, it was sent to Suleiman Demirel University in Turkey’s southwestern Isparta province for further investigation. 

Scientists Rasit Altindag, Najmi Sengun, and Fuzuli Yagamurlu studied it in-depth and discovered some amazing facts. The stone is found to be 195 years old. It was discovered through the fossils it had on it that were as old as Jurassic dinosaurs. The scientists, in their report on the discovery, explained that the writing of Bismillah on the stone was not done intentionally by someone. Instead, they called it a completely natural phenomenon. They further explained that the shape was made through the destruction and breaking of the small remains on the stone. It is such a wonder that the destruction happened and led to the word ‘Bismillah’ written on it. 

The report on the discovery was given by the dean of Akdeniz University Faculty of Theology, Ahmet Ogka. He affirmed in the report that the shape on the marble stone is just like the word ‘Bismillah’ mentioned in the Quran.

The world is full of discoveries but this sounds more like a miracle. The Islamic world is excited about the discovery and they take it as something to cherish. This has added to their belief that any can happen if God wants it to. 

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