BNU students visit Central Business District

BNU students visit Central Business District

BNU Central Business District

Central Business District (CBD) Punjab organized an on-site open house session for the final year students of the Architecture Department from Beaconhouse National University (BNU).

Young & inspiring architects of BNU were given a detailed tour of the Central Business District site with a briefing about the project during their visit. The Technical Directorate of LCBDA arranged a special session and briefed the students on how to bring forward their architectural perspectives and highlighted the positive aspects of the future in this degree. LCBDA is profound towards the betterment and development of the country and considers the youth to be the future’s driving force.

CEO-LCBDA, Mr. Imran Amin while sharing his views about the visit said: “We at LCBDA are always keen to facilitate the youth by giving them hands-on experience in the professional environment and improving their professional careers as they are pacemakers and future of Pakistan. CBD Punjab has a strong belief in providing youth with a beacon of opportunities where they get life-changing experiences to grow further”.

The students were quite excited to get the on-site learning experience. LCBDA has not only facilitated the youth in the architectural learning or construction sector but also in the fields of IT, Marketing, Finance and Human resources.

CBD Punjab has always strengthened its core mission by adding dynamically to the development of the country. Every step that CBD Punjab has taken is directly proportional to the increasing rate of the country’s economic growth.

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