Five Books Every University Student Should Read This Summer

Five Books Every University Student Should Read This Summer

books to read this summer

There is not a day of summer well spent if not spent in the company of good books. The number of books published every year can be overwhelming for any book lover but exciting at the same time. Reading is a summer joy and a priceless activity to beat the summer heat and nothing is better than having a great to –read list of books. Every great man in the history was an avid reader, reading books to inspire and guide them through life. And since we are almost half way through the year, here is our list of top five books to read this summer that will change your perspective towards life.

1. More than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art: Liza Kirwin .

An Amazon approved and recommended book that gives you the intimate details of some of the greatest people in history and their correspondence with their lovers, companions, wives and patrons. The books is remarkable compendium of the most touching of letters and illustrations, expressed by the masters of great emotions, sharing their most vulnerable and deepest of thoughts about life.kirwin

2. Oliver Wendell Holmes: A Life in War, Law, and Ideas: Stephen Budiansky .

A story of young Union Officer who cheated death twice, Oliver Wendell lived on to become one of the pioneering legal scholars in America. Based on his unpublished letters and other records, Stephen’s biography of Holmes offers a portrait of an important figure in the history of Law and Constitutional rights in America.oliver

3. The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You: Julie Zhuo.

If you are looking to polish to your administrative and leadership skills, The Making of a Manager is an essential read written by the VP of design at Facebook. Your next job could be one book away!zhou

4. Once More We Saw Star: A Memoir: Jayson Greene.

A book that could move you to tears with the story of a young loss and life without a loved one. The memoir captures the beautiful days of life and absoluteness of death. If you are struggling to cope with a loss, this book will provide you the needed solace.greene

5. City of Girls: A Novel: Elizabeth Gilbert.

A fictional narration set in New York in the 1940’s, the City of Girls is a love story that stages in New York. It is filled with wisdom about humanly desires and the need of forming unexplainable connections, the novel is a love thriller perfect for a summer read.girls

By Aisha Saeed

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