Brexit Will Hit Every Fifth International Student, Reveals QS Survey


Brexit will hit every fifth international student, casting severe implications on the educational sector in the UK, a new survey by university ranking authority QS has found.  Moreover, around 36 percent of international students would opt for studies in Britain if Brexit did not happen.
A survey of around 3,000 students was conducted by QS in order to find out the implications of Brexit on international students in the UK. Researchers say the UK could miss out on more than £1 billion in tuition fee in just the first year if tens of thousands of potential EU and international students were deterred by Brexit. The student survey suggested that if the UK remained in the EU, two-out-of-five students said it would show that the UK was still hospitable towards international students. For around 44 percent, job security was another reason to study in the UK, but only 43 percent gave financial feasibility as the reason to study in the UK.

Paul Raybould, director at QS, said  the UK government must work with the educational sector to continue promoting it as a study destination for students from the EU and around the world. He said due to the uncertainty that may come with Brexit, any future plans that could help the UK to remain a popular study destination should be promoted.

A representative of the UK Universities said international students massively contributed to the economy and the culture of the UK. “The presence of international students in the UK is worth an estimated £26 billion , which sustains over 200,000 jobs in all the parts of the UK while contributing towards our academic and civic communities.”

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