British diplomat lauds services rendered by SIUT


The British diplomat Mike Nithavrianakis today greatly lauded the rendered services and phenomenal progress made by the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) during the past five decades in providing free health care to the population at large.

British Deputy High Commissioner Mr Nithavrianakis, who paid a visit to the Institute on Tuesday, said the bonds of cooperation and understanding between Britain and Pakistan in the field of medical education and health care are not only old but very solid. He reminded that a large number of medical professionals serving in the National Health Services (NHS) of Britain hail from Pakistan. He particularly mentioned that a good number of doctors who are rendering valuable services in his country are graduates of Dow Medical College Karachi.

Mike Nithavarianakis however stressed the need to strengthen the field of nursing as the nursing profession plays a significant role in health delivery systems. Stressing the need to explore the avenues of professional development between the two countries, he said this area can be further developed with mutual understanding. He complimented the Dr Adib Rizvi Director SIUT and his team for rendering remarkable service to society on the philosophy based on free medical care to all with dignity and without any discrimination.

Earlier Dr Adib Rizvi welcomed the distinguished guest and informed that philosophy of “free medical care to all” was adopted by him after experiencing the scheme in the NHS during his postgraduate studies in Britain. He also apprised the history and journey of SIUT during the past fifty years.

Dr Naqi Zaffar also spoke on the occasion and gave a presentation which explained the salient features of the hospital activities and also the landmarks achieved during the past fifty years. Later he escorted the guest, who went round various sections of the hospital.

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