Capital’s Schools To Be Made Role Models: Shafqat


The Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood said, that educational institutions of the Islamabad would be transformed in to role models for the country, he was addressing a ground breaking ceremony for Islamabad Model College for Boys in sector G-15.

It was reported that the Federal Minister said, “the education ministry was making all out efforts to resolve the challenges being faced by the education sector”.

He further added, education is a top priority of the current government and the stakeholders are making all efforts needed for the overhauling of the education sector.

It was apparent from the education minister’s comments that he is acutely aware of the country’s miserable literacy situation. He commented, in the last 70 years Pakistan’s literacy rate has only been about 60%, which means that around 40% of the country’s population cannot read or write.  It was reported that the current education minister said, “education was a major challenge for the government”.

It became apparent from Shafqat’s comments that the government not only plans to establish more schools in ICT but also revamp the existing institutions.

As per reports, the minister said, “education ministry was planning to improve the educational and physical conditions of 423 schools and colleges of ICT by next year”.

Shafqat took the opportunity to praise the current government and said, “Pakistan was lucky to have honest leadership, adding the current issues would be resolved”.

He further assured the attendees that the government was aware of the public concern over inflation, and plans to take steps which would propel the country in the right direction.

The minister seemed hopeful as he said, that the times of turmoil will soon be over. He hoped that difficult time will pass soon and the nation will see a prosperous Pakistan.

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