Punjab Education Ministry Ceases Shutdown Of Unregistered Schools
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Punjab Education Ministry Ceases Shutdown Of Unregistered Schools

Low Enrolment Irks SED

Punjab education authorities stopped their officials from taking actions against the schools who have submitted their applications for registration,  while the district education heads have been asked to fast-track the registration processes of private schools across the province. Punjab Education Ministry ordered their officials to make sure that the registration process was objective and transparent, stating that the officials will be held responsible if any wrongdoings were found in the process.

Previously, the education ministry had ordered officials to seal all the unregistered school by mid-April. However, the order was put-off due to the efforts and resistance by private schools. The ministry had also decided to draft and pass out a bill pertaining to the establishment of the Private Education Regulatory Authority (PERA).

All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association President Abrar Ahmed Khan said the association will support the positive initiatives being offered by the provincial authorities. However, he stated that no action against the private schools would be tolerated because they were enrolling more students than government schools.

Moreover, the Punjab government also issued a set of directives and regulations for online transfer of teachers. According to this to new policy, teachers who had completed three years in the same position would be eligible to apply for transfer. Also, teachers dealing with sciences would not be transferred to positions related to languages and vice versa. Moreover, if teacher was the only Senior School Teacher (SST) of a specific subject being taught at the school, the transfer would not be approved until a replacement or alternative was available for taking up the position.

Different Teachers’ organizations deemed the rules ‘strict’ and demanded relaxations in the new policy.

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