PU Conference Recommends Changes In Education Policies


The International Conference on Research in Education has recommended to bring drastic changes in education policies, teachers’ education programs and curriculum to serve unreached and out-of-school children. These recommendations were announced in the concluding session of the conference organized by Punjab University Institute of Education and Research at Faisal Auditorium here on Thursday.

University of Education’s Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Rauf-e-Azam,  Faculty of Education Dean Prof Dr Mumtaz Akhtar, Institute of Education and Research Director Prof Dr Rifaqat Ali Akbar, Department of Secondary Education Chairman Prof Dr Abid Hussain Chaudhry, Conference Secretary Dr Shahid Farooq, Department of Elementary Education Chairman Dr Abdul Qayyum Chaudhry, renowned scholars from Pakistan, USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand and large number of students participated in the conference.

More than 255 research papers were presented in the conference. The researchers recommended that Urdu being the national language should be made the medium of instruction at all academic levels with immediate effect, while English language may be taught as foreign language.

The conference also recommended teaching of Arabic and Islamic studies from grade one and Persian from grade 6 should be mandatory at all public and private sector institutions. The academics suggested uniformity of curricula and fee at all levels of public and private sector academic and professional institutions to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

The researchers in the conference recommended to make the students responsible citizens of tomorrow, to make sure that they are aware of the global issues and empower them to have practical competence and motivational incentives to do something about these problems. It researchers also recommended political sensitization at national and provincial level for taking the underprivileged communities of the society.

The researchers suggested a strong, effective and result-oriented monitoring system the key for the proper implementation of education policies, decisions and  reforms in the country. They said that there should be a close relationship between education and job market to meet national and international demands. 

Addressing the concluding session, Prof Dr Rauf-e-Azam said public and private sector universities should focus on quality enhancement by adopting world ranking criteria. He said that the faculty and students should be motivated to work for innovations to increase their academic and research productivity. He said that without ensuring quality in education, the country as well as society could not make progress.


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