China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt) Ltd and The Citizens Foundation (TCF) have signed an agreement to construct a school in the Gaddani, Lasbella.

The school will be built at a cost of Rs 30 million, and educate up to 180 children. The endeavor is aimed at providing education to the children from less privileged segment of the society. The construction of the school’s building is underway and the first batch will be inducted in April 2020. CPHGC has so far spent PKR 124 million on various sustainable CSR initiatives since 2016.

The CPHGC-TCF School in Gaddani will be the first TCF School to be financed by a CPEC project. This is the 2nd collaboration between CPHGC and TCF. Earlier, in 2018, at the time of the FIFA World Cup, CPHGC financed the construction of a football pitch at the TCF-Mouza Kund school.

Commenting on the effort CPHGC CEO Zhao Yonggang, reiterated the company’s commitment to help improve the living conditions of the people of Lasbella. “Education is the only way forward for a nation. Out CSR efforts can be summarized in the famous proverb; give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Education will help to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the coming generations.”

CPHGC has a very active CSR program. During its construction phase, the company has contributed to sustainable CSR initiatives that have helped better the lives of the people benefiting from them. These include the Floating Fishermen Jetty at Allana Goth; the Clean Hub City program; training of local students and providing them with employment at the Plant; providing relief supplies for the flood-stricken people of Lasbella.

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