China Study Centre at UET Lahore Celebrates Book Launch

China Study Centre at UET Lahore Celebrates Book Launch

China Study Centre at UET Lahore

The China Study Centre at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore, recently unveiled two significant publications: “Beyond Silk Routes: The Future and Multifarious Impact of CPEC” and “Forbidden City Unravelled: Pakistanis’ Accounts of Dwelling in China and Carving out New Paths.” A book launch ceremony was held to mark this milestone, coinciding with the conclusion of the China Study Centre project. Dr. Mehvish Riaz, Director of the China Study Centre at UET Lahore and editor of the books, organized the event. Professor Dr. Nasir Hayat, Vice Chancellor of UET Lahore, presided over the ceremony as the chief guest. Deans and chairpersons of various departments also attended, lending their support to the occasion.

Insights from “Beyond Silk Routes”

“Beyond Silk Routes” delves into the collaborative efforts between Pakistan and China, particularly through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The book covers mega-infrastructure projects such as highways, ports, railways, and digital infrastructure, which are crucial for sustainable economic growth and regional connectivity. It also highlights the educational collaboration facilitated by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and various China and Pakistan study centers.

The 12-chapter book includes topics such as the China Study Centre at UET Lahore as a hub for cultural promotion, the impact of digital transformation in higher education due to collaborations between IIOE-HEI and UET Lahore, and the contributions of the Orange Line Metro Transit System. Other subjects covered include the nexus of CPEC with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and higher education, trade relations between Pakistan and China, defense and cultural diplomacy, the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in Pakistan, the properties of Port Qasim GPC, and diverse effects and issues related to CPEC.

Experiences Highlighted in “Forbidden City Unravelled”

“Forbidden City Unravelled” shares the experiences of Pakistani students and professionals during their time in China. The book emphasizes the opportunities for tourism and collaboration between the two nations. The accounts provide a unique perspective on life in China and the growing relationship between the two countries.

Celebrating Collaboration

Participants at the ceremony highlighted that the publication of these books and the successful completion of the China Study Centre project demonstrate the enduring spirit of collaboration and partnership between Pakistan and China. The event celebrated the academic and cultural exchanges facilitated by the center, marking a significant achievement in the ongoing relationship between the two countries.

The event concluded with a sense of accomplishment and optimism for the future, underscoring the importance of continued collaboration in various fields, including education, infrastructure, and cultural exchange.

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