Chinese Students Issued Warning Amid Tensions With The US

Chinese Students Issued Warning Amid Tensions With The US

Chinese Students in the US

Chinese students in the US were issued a warning by the Chinese education ministry to be watchful, as the Trump administration had plans to impose restrictions on academic visas amid escalating tensions between

“For some time, some of the visas for Chinese students studying in the United States have been restricted, with the review period extended, the period of validity shortened and the refusal rate increased,” the education ministry said in an official statement published by the Xinhua News Agency.

“The Ministry of Education reminds students and scholars to strengthen risk assessments before studying abroad, enhance their awareness of prevention and make appropriate preparations,” it added.

The US expressed its apprehensions over the alleged technology and intellectual property theft by China which led to escalations between both the sides. President Donald Trump’s administration also increased the scrutiny processes employed for  international students and researchers.

State broadcaster China Central Television while citing the education ministry spokeswoman Xu Mei said that American universities will remain open to Chinese students despite the current trade tensions between both the countries, adding that the number of Chinese students was  stable in the US.

Yale University President Peter Salovey vowed support for international students in an open letter last month, reiterating the varsities commitment to its overseas talent. Salovey’s statement came days after Emory University dismissed two Chinese-American professors of human genetics, Li Xiao-Jiang and his wife Li Shihua, due to alleged  discrepancy in their research funding documents, along with charges of working for different Chinese universities while receiving federal grants.

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