Maria Shimon, a Christian, and a driver’s daughter topped the public service commission exam of Balochistan to become the first minority woman assistant commissioner of the province. 

Maria belongs to a lower-middle-class Christian family of Quetta. Despite having many problems that a person from this class and community can have in Pakistan, she got the first position in the (BPSC) Balochistan Public Service Commission exams. Talking to a local media house, she said that her parents ensured her education despite extreme poverty. They are eight siblings and Maria is the seventh born. They live in a remote and slum area devoid of the facilities of life that most urban class enjoys. Still, her parents made sure that all of them get a proper education. Maria gives the credit for her success to her parents and teachers who stood by her in difficult times. 

The journey towards this success was not easy for Maria. She could not clear her exams five times before this attempt but she never lost hope. This persistence is an example for the youth of today. Talking to a news channel she said, ‘I failed many times but I never thought that I would not appear in the exams again. I thought I will keep trying until I succeed. Only then will my struggling journey end.’ Adding to it she said that she always wanted to be a role model for the people of her community and nation. She encouraged others to get higher education and to strive for bigger goals. 

During the long journey towards her success, there were a lot of times when she could lose her belief in herself. But she stayed firm and kept on trying. ‘I had this belief that my hard work and prayers will make me achieve something big. The real happiness is when my father says he never thought he would be a father of an Assistant Commissioner and I will give him an identity,’ she said. 

Maria got her early education from the government school and college of the town. She did her MSc in Biochemistry from Balochistan University. Clearing this exam was a dream of her life. Maria’s four elder siblings are also serving at different positions in government institutes. 

Talking about his daughter’s success, Shimon Maseeh, her father said, ‘My younger daughter told me that Maria has passed her exams by getting the first position. When I wanted to tell my son this news, I had tears in my eyes. I was so overwhelmed that I could not speak.’ He added that he could never imagine becoming a father of an Assistant Commissioner. 

Maria is indeed a role model as was her dream for not only the people of her community but that of the whole nation. She has proved to be a strong woman who could achieve what sounded impossible before it despite many problems and failures on her way. She will continue to inspire women and the youth of this country on their ways to big achievements. 

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