CIE announces O-Level and IGCSE Results

CIE announces O-Level and IGCSE Results

O-Level and IGCSE Results

Cambridge’s announcement of results on Wednesday has brought commendable news for more than 60,000 Pakistani students who have successfully cleared their O-level and IGCSE examinations.

The recent assessment cycle orchestrated by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) has stood out for its remarkable scale, marking it as the most expansive examination series on record.

An impressive influx of applications, numbering a remarkable 1.7 million, poured in from 5,600 educational institutions spanning across 147 countries. This figure notably represents an 11% surge compared to the statistics of June 2022.

Noteworthy is Pakistan’s 4% increase in the number of entrants for the June 2023 Cambridge IGCSE and O-level exams. An impressive tally of over 210,000 students actively participated in these assessments.

Within the wide spectrum of subjects, Pakistani students showcased a distinct inclination towards Islamiyat, English, and Pakistan Studies.

Uzma Yousuf, the Country Director for Pakistan, conveyed her heartfelt felicitations to the accomplished Cambridge International students in Pakistan, acknowledging their well-earned accomplishments. She applauded the unswerving determination displayed by students and their families, even in the face of uncertainties, while extending sincere congratulations to the remarkable 60,000 Pakistani students who excelled in their results.

Yousuf firmly assured that the pre-2019 Covid pandemic standards of Cambridge qualifications would be reinstated. Highlighting the significance of this year’s assessment process, she underscored that the grading benchmarks have reverted to the levels of 2019.

Moreover, she pointed out that the pandemic’s influence has been thoughtfully factored into the grading determination. Hence, a student who previously achieved an A grade can expect an equitable likelihood of attaining the same accolade in 2023.

Rod Smith, the Group Managing Director of International Education at Cambridge, conveyed a reassuring message. He stressed that individuals holding these qualifications are well-equipped to confidently embrace the future, equipped with the crucial skills necessary to seize forthcoming opportunities.

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    This is unfair , students should be marked according thier current situation

    August 18, 2023
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    Yes i ask Cambridge to revise his grads

    August 18, 2023

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