CISS-AJK Explores Impact of Modi’s Reelection

CISS-AJK Explores Impact of Modi’s Reelection

CISS-AJK Explores Impact of Modi's Reelection

The Centre for International Strategic Studies Azad Jammu and Kashmir (CISS-AJK) held a significant conference titled “From Campaign Rhetoric to Diplomatic Realities: Modi’s Reelection and the India-Pakistan Equation” on Wednesday. This event delved into the profound changes in regional dynamics resulting from India’s recent elections, particularly focusing on the repercussions for Pakistan.

CISS-AJK, as part of its commitment to promoting research and policy discourse, organized this scholarly forum, which attracted a prestigious audience. Among the prominent figures in attendance was Raja Farooq Haider, the former Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The CISS-AJK research team extended a warm welcome to all participants, including researchers, academic dignitaries, civil administration officials, and media representatives.

The conference commenced with an opening address by Dr Khurram Abbas, Director of the India Study Centre. Dr. Abbas provided a detailed analysis of India’s strategic direction under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, emphasizing the various political, economic, and diplomatic strategies employed to undermine Pakistan.

Following this, Major General (R) Samrez Salik offered a deeper exploration of the strategic implications of India’s current political landscape for Pakistan and the wider region. His insights highlighted the increased strategic challenges that Pakistan faces in the wake of Modi’s reelection.

Raja Farooq Haider then presented a thorough overview of the evolving political scenario in Pakistan and its effects on India-Pakistan relations. He underscored the necessity for Pakistan to formulate a robust, long-term national policy to effectively counter India’s assertive strategies and address the longstanding Kashmir issue.

An interactive question-and-answer session ensued, encouraging a vibrant exchange of perspectives among the attendees. The event concluded with closing remarks from Dr Asma Shakir Khawaja, Executive Director of CISS-AJK. She expressed her gratitude to all guests and participants, highlighting the significant contributions that enriched the discussion and overall success of the conference.

The conference emphasized the critical need for ongoing scholarly engagement and policy-oriented dialogue to navigate the intricate geopolitical realities of the region.

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