CM Punjab Bans Students from Cleaning Schools

CM Punjab Bans Students from Cleaning Schools

Students from Cleaning Schools

Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi banned children from cleaning schools across the province on Thursday. He also ordered to provision of face masks to all school students free of cost in all the smog-affected cities including Lahore.

During his visit to Government Junior Model High School Model Town in Lahore, the Chief Minister noticed the broken furniture, damaged whiteboards, dilapidated doors, poor sanitation, sports activities stopped, peeling paint in classrooms and cobwebs.

He summoned the Education Minister Mansoor Qadir, the Secretary Schools Education Department (SED) and the Chief Executive Officer Schools Education to the school and instructed them to take necessary actions.

The Chief Minister also met with students in their class rooms and inquired about their problems. Talking to the CM, students complained that they have to clean the class rooms daily on which CM banned cleaning by students in all schools.

He also ordered to increase number of cleaning staff in the school. He said that he will visit the school again.

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