Caretaker Chief Minister of Sindh Justice (R) Maqbool Baqar has taken proactive measures to address alleged irregularities in the Karachi Inter Board (BIEK) results and financial mismanagement. The CM also removed and dismissed top bureaucrats posted in examination boards.

A specialized Inquiry Committee has been promptly established to investigate these concerns. The committee, comprising key figures such as Chairman Chief Minister’s Inspection Team Rafique Barro, Special Secretary Treasury Shameer Bhutto, and Director Anti-Corruption, will delve into allegations of financial mismanagement within the Inter Board.

Additionally, the committee will thoroughly scrutinize claims of result tampering in annual examinations. Over the course of 14 days, the committee is not only mandated to provide a detailed report but also to offer recommendations to curb such irregularities in the future.

Further intensifying the actions, the CM has removed Professor Nasim Memon from the position of Chairman Karachi Inter Board with immediate effect. Professor Memon has been reassigned to serve as the Chairman of Larkana Board. His tenure in Larkana Board will continue until June 30, 2024.

Simultaneously, in a parallel move, Secretary Karachi Inter Board Kashif Sadiqui has been promptly relieved of his duties. Kashif Sadiqui will resume his original position at Karachi Inter Board.

The Chief Minister has also directed the removal of Syed Ali Mirza, Chairman of Intermediate and Secondary Board Larkana, who will now return to his initial post as Inspector of Institutions.

Additionally, Dr Masroor Ahmed Shaikh, previously associated with the Sindh Board of Technical Education, has been immediately dismissed from his role. Although retired in September 2021, Dr Masroor Ahmed Shaikh had continued to serve, prompting the Chief Minister’s decisive action.

Secretary Board of Technical Education Akram Samoon has also been removed from his position. Samoon has been directed to submit a report on the institute’s performance.Furthermore, Azra Naseem, responsible for examinations, has been relieved from her duties by the Chief Minister.

In a comprehensive restructuring, Chief Minister Makhdoom M. B. has removed Zahir-ud-Din Bhatti from his role as Controller of Examinations at Nawabshah Board. Zahir-ud-Din Bhatti will now report to Local Government Board.

Similarly, Secretary of Karachi Inter Board, Kashif Sadiqi, has been immediately replaced, and Kashif Sadiqi will resume his original duties at Karachi Inter Board.

Moreover, Professor Jan Muhammad Malik has been relieved from his role as Secretary and Controller of Examinations at Shaheed Benazirabad Board. He has been directed to report on the performance of his department.

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