Coded Minds, a Saudi based global investment firm is all set to invest in the educational sector of Pakistan, with the aim of revolutionising education on modern technological lines, under their global expansion strategy initiative. Coded Minds deals with a wide array of project-based academic courses, taught at the leading private and public schools across the UAE. The company is licensed by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) and administers a disruptive business mechanism and aims to revolutionise the dynamics of the education system, nationally and internationally. coded minds logo

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Coded Minds Omar Farooqui while sharing his plans said the Coded Minds will soon launch their operations in other countries including Saudi Arabia. He said the company wanted to solidify their UAE operations, along with exploring opportunities in Pakistan.

He also expressed his commitment to formulate new education paradigms for children, in order to equip them with the right set of skills, along with preparing them for challenges in the coming times.

Farooqi said Coded Minds aimed at providing technology-centred integrated courses to students and was working to revolutionise the education sector, through the implementation of a revolutionary based business model that focused on the employment of technological means, he added.

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