Commissioner Karachi requests 5000 school students to welcome Saudi Hajj Minister

Commissioner Karachi requests 5000 school students to welcome Saudi Hajj Minister

Commissioner Karachi requests 5000 school students to welcome Saudi Hajj Minister

The Commissioner of Karachi has recently forwarded a formal request to the Director of School Education, a key figure within the School Education and Literacy Department (SELD). This request centers around a significant initiative: the coordination of 5000 school students who are to play a role in welcoming the Hajj Minister of Saudi Arabia. The ceremonial event is scheduled to take place at the illustrious Governor House situated in Karachi, Sindh.

The initiative has been set into motion through an official memorandum authored by Assistant Commissioner Abid Qamar Shaikh. Addressed to the Secretary of the Department of School Education & Literacy, Deputy Commissioners, and other pertinent stakeholders, this memorandum underlines a critical objective—to ensure the active participation of these students in the upcoming event.

The memorandum distinctly conveys the pertinent details: “With reference to the aforementioned subject, I wish to apprise you that the Hajj Minister of Saudi Arabia, accompanied by a delegation of officials, is slated to pay a visit to the distinguished Governor House in Karachi, Sindh, precisely on the 22nd of August, commencing at 11:15 am. Given these circumstances, it is my earnest request that comprehensive arrangements be orchestrated to guarantee the presence of 5000 students hailing from various schools. Their collective mission will be to extend a gracious welcome to the honorable minister.”

Furthermore, the memorandum offers explicit directives: “I earnestly call upon all Deputy Commissioners to collaborate closely with Government Schools operating within their respective jurisdictions. Their central task involves the systematic coordination of logistical matters, specifically the transportation of students to the designated event venue. This location, situated in close proximity to the Governor House, is earmarked as the meeting point for these young participants, who will be joining forces to extend a respectful reception to the esteemed minister.”

In essence, this endeavor symbolizes an occasion of diplomatic significance, bridging education and hospitality on a grand scale. The cooperative efforts of various administrative bodies are thus poised to create an event that will not only welcome the Hajj Minister but also highlight the city’s commitment to nurturing its educational institutions and fostering international relations.

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