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Top 10 Computer Science Universities in Pakistan 2022


Looking to study Computer Science at the best institute? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered; we will share the Top 10 Computer Science Universities in Pakistan.

Education is a basic right and necessity for everyone. Computer science is one of the most popular fields out there, and many students opt for Computer Science because of its high demand. This field is everything about the latest computer-related technology, including software and hardware.

There is no doubt that Computer Science is in top demand, but the fact remains that it is not an easy field, so students who want to pursue a career in Computer Science may want to do thorough research, so they can make a better decision.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is a diverse field that exists in almost every corner of the globe. A career in Computer Science can reach the sky, anywhere, where there are telephones, computers, or cellular phones. With the increase in technology and all the latest innovations happening every day, the field of Computer Science is not going anywhere soon.

Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with developing applications, updating software systems, theories, design, and much more. Technology exists at varying levels of performance and advancements; however, in Pakistan, things are a bit different as we are still progressing through advanced technology compared to other countries.

So, why not choose a degree and experience success? If you are considering going for Computer Science but still wondering which university is the best in Pakistan, you have landed on the right page. Let us guide you with our list of some of the top universities of Computer Science in Pakistan.

Top 10 Computer Science Universities in Pakistan

1 – COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

fun facts about COMSATS Lahore

COMSATS ranks as the number 1 university of Computer Science in Pakistan. The main campus is situated in the capital city, Islamabad. It is the top performing university in Pakistan and the rest of Asia. It is considered the best because it delivers a top-notch competent curriculum to its students.

The institute encourages students to participate in intensive research. It molds them into expert entrepreneurs that can easily contribute to the world of application programming, application and software development, and much more.

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National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST)

fastThe National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, also famously known as FAST, is a private research-oriented university. The acceptance rate at FAST is only 5%, and it consistently ranks among the top best universities in Pakistan. FAST offers world-class education to its students that too on an international level. It has the best faculty. The university delivers Computer Science at both graduates as well as undergraduate levels.

National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

The Scholars Avenue at NUST

NUST is one of the best universities in Pakistan, offering its students a top-class education. It is quite hard to get into NUST as their entry test is extremely difficult; every year, about 50,000 apply to get into this prestigious university. Still, unfortunately, only a few get through. The acceptance rate at NUST is only 4%.


University of Engineering and Technology (UET)

UET ECAT Registration dateUET is one of the oldest universities in Pakistan and is still considered to be among the best universities of Pakistan. It is also home to one of the country’s oldest facilities for Computer studies. The students at UET are trained to become first-rate professionals that would greatly contribute to Pakistani society through their knowledge of Computer Science and the latest information systems.

The Computer Science department continues to flourish, which means a great level of growth secures Pakistan’s future in programming, web development, software development, application development and information systems.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Fun facts about LUMSLahore University of Management Sciences, also known as LUMS, is a private higher education institute known as Pakistan’s top school of Business, Computer Science, and Engineering. The Computer Science department at LUMS encourages students to participate in research work and guides them in accumulating all the necessary skills and how to ace Computer Science.

They have one of the best faculties, which dedicate its teaching and research efforts to contributing to improving computer networks and software that can lead to a more productive society.

Quaid-e-Azam University


Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad is one of the largest universities with a high student body among all the higher education institutes of Pakistan. It is a popular choice among many students when opting for Computer Science. The Computer Science department is among the highest-ranked Computer Science facilities in Pakistan.

They continue to make efforts to polish the skills and knowledge of their students in this highest-paid tech industry. Students at Quaid-e-Azam university can explore various areas of Computer Science to easily find their niche and have a successful career.

Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT)

PU entry test

Punjab University College of Information Technology was established in 1988, situated in Lahore, and it still ranks among the most prestigious universities of Computer Science in Pakistan. The university offers many degree programs of Computer Science, including BS in Computer Science, Ph.D. Computer Science, BS Data Science, BS Information Technology, and much more. PUCIT also has numerous clubs and societies for its students. Students who wish to get admission at PUCIT must pass their entry test with flying colors.

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering, Sciences, and Technology (GIKI)

GIK Institute And China's Harbin University
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering, Sciences and Technology, also famously known as GIKI is a private institute situated in KPK. GIKI was established in 1993 and is still among the most prestigious universities of Pakistan. The acceptance rate at GIKI is 10%, which makes it the most selective institution. GIKI provides its students numerous academic and non-academic services and facilities, including a huge library, housing, sports complex, financial aid, exchange programs, and administrative services.

Information Technology University

itu contact numberThe Information Technology University is in Lahore and is a public research university. Information Technology University is modeled after MIT, which is one of the top prestigious universities in the United States of America. The Information Technology University provides top-notch education to its students and is led by academics that taught and studied at The University of Cambridge.

The institute also has some amazing courses designed to build the students’ fundamental knowledge and effectively train them in databases, algorithms, and information security.

Air University

Air University Main Campus Islamabad

Air University is one of the known universities in the country and is situated in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The institute also has a campus in Multan. Air University was established in 2002 by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The institute offers many programs in Computer Science, such as BS Cybersecurity, BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, and much more. The university aims to provide high-class education under the observation of highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Well, finding the right university has always been the toughest decision a student needs to make. But hey, with this article, we have made it easier for you to choose among the best universities of Computer Science in Pakistan.

Best of Luck!

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